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When you know what exactly an Exit Ticket is, then you can use this page to extract as many numbers of templates required. But, in case you want to know what exactly an Exit Ticket is, and then understand it is a sheet in which the students are expected to write their answers. Let us know about Exit Ticket Templates in detail.

When do they need to write and what?

They will write at the end of every class about what learned. Yes, will summarize all that they learned during that course. This will help the instructor to discuss with them to teach the lessons accordingly. The teachers can also make changes in their teaching pattern and help children better.

I am sure you now know how an exit ticket helps both teacher and student. For those who are private tutors, or schools or any training institutes can use the exit ticket template provide here. You can use them and get to know the understanding of your students on a daily basis to meet their demands and avoid last minute confusions.

Teaching is indeed a respectable and crucial job, and one cannot assume that everyone understood and moved forward. Exit tickets help classes across levels to improve on providing better knowledge.

Admit One Exit Ticket Template

Exit Ticket Ideas For Elementary School

Teachers can design their exit tickets. They know better than anyone else about what they taught. Hence it is a good practice for them to know some basics in making the exit ticket. Elementary school kids (age between 4 and eight years) need more focus than others as it’s the best time they can master few things in life. Therefore teachers must design the right exit ticket and get inspired by the tips given here and make sure you know your kids.

Every Exit ticket must have the following details

  1. Student name
  2. Date on which the slip was made
  3. Subject
  4. Teacher name
  5. Lessons Covered
  6. Sections Where Kids Need Help
  7. Student Assessment of teacher’s performance

Getting into the actual business, find some ideas to make the exit ticket look useful for elementary school kids.

Classroom Exit Ticket Template Printable

Digital Exit Ticket

Five Ideas That Will Increase Your Kids Performance by 5X

  1. Keep the slip as simple as possible as these kids cannot interpret high-end information.
  2. Provide information on drawing and illustrations so that they will feel excited about that and will not get bored with summarizing what they know.
  3. Don’t ask questions like did you understand etc. They are too small to write an answer to it and even if they write YES or NO, one cannot ascertain their understanding at that age.
  4. Try to post some questions in the form of games and drawing and based on their answer you will get their pulse.
  5. Print some smileys have and ask them to select one and the happy smiley indicates that they understood and so on.

Trust you can get a bright idea and yes get going with many more plans to make a significant exit ticket template. Alternatively, use any of the readymade templates.

Emoji Exit Slip

Exit Ticket Ideas For Middle School

Now, this part is slightly tricky as middle school children are grown-ups and not as well. Yes, they are neither old nor kids. This stage always is a challenge to handle their temper tantrums and mood swings. The hormone will play a significant role, and they will ever pose a problem in one form or another.

Emoji Exit Slips

Use these ideas for making a great template

  1. Be specific in asking them to summarize their understanding.
  2. At the same time don’t push them and add some fun events to the ticket for them to give a valid
  3. Don’t talk to them about their tickets in public instead call them in person to know their learning from your class.
  4. Give some questions about the lessons in the ticket and see if they answer them but keep them simple and let them not feel that as another test.
  5. Explain to them when they mention as not understood, and this will give them the confidence to provide the right feedback.

Emoji Exit Ticket

Emoji Exit Tickets

Exit Ticket Ideas For Social Studies

When you happen to be a social teacher, then you need to make your class interesting to let students follow the lessons. Not only that, but your exit ticket must make the difference to evaluate the understanding of the students in social lessons accurately.


Emojis Exit Tickets

Entrance Exit Ticket Template

Follow these tips and assess your students understanding

  1. Ask the students not about how was the class or bluntly to summarize the understanding. Instead, allow them to write what they liked the most about that day’s
  2. Let them elaborate more on their following in that day’s class.
  3. Ask them for what they did not like and why. This will let them give accurate
  4. Possible make some assignment and append with the exit ticket and make them fill it.
  5. Also, check with them what they would want to be explained

Merely these five ideas will help you get the detailed understanding of their social class.

Everyday Math Exit Slip

Everyday Math Exit Slips


Exit Card Template

Exit Ticket Ideas For Professional Development

So far you have been looking at exit ticket at students’ level. This section will walk you through the ideas to make a professional exit ticket for expert development. The people participating in this class need not be of same age group. Hence you must prepare the ticket with the following guidelines.

Remember to give the exit tickets at the end of the session. Allow them to fill details. Explain them the importance of the exit slip.

Collect the slips before they leave. Make sure you discuss with them on the next day and resolve the issues they have.

When any particular topic is not clear for all, then you must repeat it. Attend individuals if they did not understand anything in particular.

Exit Slip for High School

Exit Slip Questions

After obtaining the tips to make the exit ticket, you need some questions. There are few templates with a question, and others are blank as well. However, you can edit the template with any of these questions.

List the best part of the session you understood well.

Write in brief about what confused the most today.

Do you have any questions about this session?

Would you like to take a seminar about today’s session? If yes, when. If no, Why?

Is there anything you want more details about what you learned today?

Write a summary of today’s lesson in 25 words only.

Exit Ticket for Elementary Students

Exit Ticket Ideas For Math

Math class understanding is fundamental and basics for every individual. So as a faculty you must assess their level to fine-tune your way of teaching.

Use the following ideas to know them better.

What is your feedback about this class representing by + – / or X

+ à You need more details

– à You have no doubts

X à Your knowledge multiplied

/ à You have not understood anything.

This will interest them, to begin with, the slip forward.

Then allow them to explain what they understood with some examples, and you can also give some mathematical calculations to know if they followed.


Exit Ticket for Math

Digital Assessment Tools For Teachers

Apart from the manually filled forms, teachers must have some digital assessment tool to know their understanding accurately. These devices can motivate the students about their importance and teachers will feel glad to get the appropriate feedback.

One such tool which you can think of immediately is this? Ask me why? Everyone will know Google for everything. Today it has become the man’s best friend and woman’s too. So this tool which we would like to let you know is, Google Forms or Google Sheets or Google Plug-in Flubaroo.

Flubaroo the plug-in used for Google Sheets can be accessed from www.flubaroo.com.  It will have many quizzes, and you can score the students quickly. All you need to do it to create a Google Form and share the link with the students. Once they answer you can see the grade reflecting in your account, and that’s all the exit ticket job gets over without paper and pen. You can use this even for virtual training where both the instructor and participants do not meet.

The online tool will allow students to give the actual feedback as they can record their original thought without any fear of being seen. Even though it is not wrong to provide open feedback most of the students do not provide the correct one in paper and pen exit forms. Also, they will get biased by their friends sitting next to. All these things can be avoided by using a digital tool.

Exit Ticket Google Forms

Top 5 digital exit ticket alternatives of 2018

  1. Google Forms

As already mentioned Google has obtained number one place, and you can send the questions to students from online and see their feedback on your account. The best part os now you can even share video links like YouTube and images.

  1. Socrative

Socrative is prominent in BYOD concepts where the educator can send their questions to the laptop, tablets, or smartphones.

  1. Plickers

Plicker cards will let the students answer the questions asked by the teachers. The instructor will ask a question on the smart device, and the student will respond. The same will be collected on the app and data will be reported.


Exit Ticket Template for Students

4. Twitter

Best fits students who are older and can discuss the post on the Social media like Twitter. The teacher will post a summary in 140 characters about that day’s class, and students will discuss. The teacher can find out the outcome of their discussion. If they have understood well, then there will be more responses than not understanding.

5. Geddit

This app would have a list of questions in multiple-choice formats. Further, the students can record their feedback about the class pace all through from the beginning to middle and during the concluding session.


Exit Ticket Template for Teachers

Exit Ticket iPad App

The world is behind the app, and there is nothing that happens without the app. For booking tickets, you have the app, and similarly, exit tickets will have an app. The app is compatible with iPad; then the teacher can include the students and let them share their feedback at the end of every session.

Exit ticket iPad App has a website, and you can find this link detailing about How to do Exit Ticket Activities on the iPad with Socrative.


Exit Ticket Template High School

Exit Card Ideas

Exit card must be given to students at the end of the session. These cards are simple, and you must ask the students to fill it and pass it on to you before the class gets over. You need to make sure they fill it. Remember to collect it and also review the next level and address their issues if any. Only this will give them the confidence to write a summary in the next class.

You can write the questions on the board and ask the students to write the answer on a paper, or you can circulate items. Use the exit card given here for free and print it to give in to your class.

Make sure you allow them to rate the session and only if they are specific in their explanation, then your class made sense to them.

Exit Ticket Tweet Template

Exit Pass Ideas

You can make some exit pass in the below-mentioned ways to make it more interesting than the generic exit pass.

Four interesting exit pass

  1. Lesson snapshot to be written by students in the exit pass.
  2. Making them send SMS about what they understood.
  3. Jigsaw exit pass – Prepared like a jigsaw puzzle.
  4. Landing and Boarding cards – Similar to the boarding pass used in flight travel.

Formative Assessment Exit Ticket Example

Exit Slip Prompts

Find the two best exit slip fool-proof prompt. These exit slip prompts will make every individual think and will surely respond. You can make-out their understanding and change your teaching style if necessary.

  1. Assume that your friend did not come to class and explain today’s lesson to him/her. Everyone will love to do this when they are given ownership, and you can succeed in your attempt instead of asking them to fill a monotonous exit ticket.
  2. Next way is to ask them to fill the exit slip. Then quickly review in the class and if you find them all positive, then inform them they will have a test on the next day. When they say ok, then they are confident, but the shaking response will alarm you. Again ask them for open feedback and review your lessons again.

Socrative Exit Ticket

Few more sources that you will get to know in detail about exit ticket templates: https://study.com/academy/lesson/exit-ticket-teaching-strategy.html



Try every possible way to get to know your students understanding at the end of every session with the help of the exit tickets and help them improve.


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