The heart’s functioning is essential to keeping alive, as it acts as a pump that pushes and delivers blood through the entire body, after passage through the lungs and blood vessels.


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 This enriched blood pumped by the heart contains oxygen and other key nutrients that are needed for muscles, organs, and tissues to work. It is roughly considered to be the size of a fist, and weighs between the ranges of 250 to 350 grams. This free cardiology PowerPoint template features a glowing red heart design against a grey backdrop. The template can be used for seminars and lectures at high schools, to make medical science more interesting for students with factoids and animated GIFs of the heart pumping in catchy graphics and simple terms. The presentation can also be downloaded for use at entry-level school education, for kids aged 11 to 14 years with demonstration exercises and fun learning activities typed inside the PowerPoint with rules and regulations. The template can also be used in medical knowledge websites as a slideshow, and displayed at medical fairs and shows to make things interesting.

You can do free Cardiology PowerPoint template download from below location:

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