Family Tree Templates: 12 Free Printable Blank Templates


Hey, welcome to a quite interesting topic you will get to know from this post. Yes, about a family tree. Sounds astounding? What kind of tree is a family tree? How does it grow and what are the flower and fruits of the tree? Just kidding!

Let’s get into the business; a family tree represents the members of the family in a tree form. It could be of several blocks built on one another and can hold the name of the family members. Alternatively, you can draw a tree and write the names of the family members inside the fruits or flowers, etc.  You can become an artist to draw reads based on your imagination. Still, there are few basics you must know about the tree.

Five Basic Rules To Draw A Family Tree

Here are the basic rules to draw a family tree in a great way.

  1. It can have the name, DOB, birthplace, and relationship in each box. Merely mentioning name alone also would do.
  2. Every level represents one generation. The ancestors will be placed on each level.
  3. The horizontal line drawn between any two boxes signifies a marriage.
  4. The bracket mentioned from any couple into a lower set of the box will represent the children from the specific marriage.
  5. Most of the family tree will grow vertically and draw sideways also might happen sometimes.

Family Tree

Free Family Tree Templates

Ok, now you got some idea right? That is simple, and you can make a family tree on your own. But there is a catch, ask me what? If you want to make a family tree with more generations, for a large family or with several information, then you need some time and expertise to make it the best. Don’t worry about doing one on your own. Ask me how? I will provide you with free family tree templates. All you need to do is to choose the best one fitting your need and download for free. You can include your family details and save them for your perusal.

Also, in between read this page to get some insight into different types of family tree.

Best Observation To Create An Effective Family Tree

Answer the following questions and plan to make the best family tree. You need not draw from basics, but still, you must understand how and what details to fill the family tree with family members detail appropriately.

Get ready to answer now,

  • What is the need for the family tree?
  • Whether you want to print it or frame it as well?
  • Do you want to share it electronically?
  • What purpose you’re making this family tree? Whether for your kid’s school project or to connect with people based on this research etc. The box size will be determined based on this input.
  • How sophisticated you’re planning to make this tree?
  • The best way to understand family trees is to look at some examples of family trees.

Family Tree Analysis

Blank Family Tree Template

Now you can use this blank template to fill the family details and use them for any purpose. You can even add the email id of the individual in the family and stay connected. This will pass on to generation, and you can feel proud to have created this tree.

Depending on the tree you can fill the blanks. For instance, keep the name of the father and mother common and create more boxes to extend the family details. These free templates that are blank can make your life easy and you need not worry about any editing and just fill in the details.

Sounds easy right? Yes, it is.

Family Tree Template For Kids

You may think that how kids and family tree related. But it has become school project for many, and you must understand that kids might not like your way of making a tree. They look for colors and varieties.

That is the reason you have been given with family tree with flowers, fruits, more significant blocks, etc. Allow your kid to choose the best and help them to fill the details. You can start from the bottom and tell them that the root would be the grandparents, stems being parents, leaves maternal relatives, flowers paternal relatives, and fruits are kids. This is just one way to represent, and imagination is yours.

Family Tree Data

Family Tree Template With Siblings

Majority of the tree will have the head of the family and goes down with kids and up with parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. But when you want to make the difference including sibling and their family details, then this template will make your job easy. These are predesigned and just plug and play with the information. You can add photos and make them lucrative.

How to create family tree template in word

Hey, an interesting section of this page would remain knowing the best way to create a family tree in word. Indeed it will be interesting to learn the right method of making one. However, you can always download as many patterns as much you require from here. Still, feel right about gaining some insight into building a family tree on your own. You never know tomorrow you kid to school will give an assignment, and you need to guide them. Hence get ready for helping your kid to make a family tree.


Family Tree Document

Here you with the 11 easy steps to make your family look 11x perfect

Step 1 – Open the MS Word doc and select a new document. You can use Ctrl + N shortcut key to get a new page.

Step 2 – Insert the Smart Art Button from the toolbar and click to open the box pattern you like to have your family tree.

Step 3 – Onto the left side you will find the “Hierarchy” link, and you can select one from that lei table or organization chart, etc. You will click ok to insert one format of your choice. You can place text into it by clicking on the boxes.

Step 4 – Start by writing the name of the family members from the family-line till you remember.

Step 5 – Drag down to the next box and keep on typing the name one after another. You can also mention the details such as the DOB and place etc. Even contact number or email can make sense if you want to use that tree as your diary.

Step 6 – Now select the Review Tab and click SmartArt Ribbon and tools to make the ribbon active. The ribbon will not appear anywhere else. Click only on the tree to see the options. You can use the ribbon and customize the family tree per your wish every time.

Step 7 – Then to add the next family member detail into a tree, you must click “Add Shape” icon and place them above or below and keep progressing.

Step 8  – You can fit the tree on the page by just clicking one of the corners of the shape and hold the cursor down drag the shape till the page end. After doing this keep on adding boxes to let the tree get adjusted to the page automatically. The choice is yours to have branches, leaves, etc.

Step 9  – You can now format and change colors by choosing the color option in the ribbon.

Step 10  – Feel free to add images by clicking on the ‘Insert’ tab and ‘Pictures’ button. You can select a picture from the computer or the internet and place them. Drag them into the box you require and name it. A grandpa image to represent your grandfather and so on.

Step 11 – Finally the time has come to save your work and go to File and Save in the name you prefer. You can save it first and start to avoid losing any detail, and this would be wise to reap benefits for your work.

Family Tree Document Word

Did it sound simple? Yes, it is.

Excel Family Tree Template – Creation Process

When you can make a template in word, then stay assured that doing so in excel also is always possible. There are three ways in which you can do it in excel.

  • Yes, one by using the templates
  • Second with MS Excel
  • And Third in Spread Sheet

However, the downloading option is still not ruled out.

Template Way

  • Open Excel Goto File à New Templates
  • Look for family tree template and use it or download from the net.
  • Start with the basic chart named family tree chart. You can make use of this for four generations and you.
  • You can add cells using the copy paste option from your box for your siblings.
  • For a bigger tree go to the SmartArt feature and insert more boxes. You can follow word steps for this from here.

Feeling great about becoming a pro at building a family tree?

SmartArt Way

This you can do it same starting from the Hierarchy as you did in Word. I would not want to repeat instructions here and just move to the previous section. Only thing is read the word as excel and rest all process remains the same.

Spreadsheet Way

  • Start with excel and insert shape to choose the box shape and click ok to place it in the spreadsheet.
  • Start with your name at the lowest end and format with the desired shape, size, color, and
  • You can simple Ctrl C and Ctrl V to have many boxes copied and pasted on the sheet.
  • You must manually arrange them in the form of a tree in the order of your family starting from the generation you prefer.
  • Make sure to draw or insert a line to form the marriage relationship.
  • Then click on each box to write the name and all other details per your need.

And you’re done. It looks simple but trusts me will take your time. Why waste time when you can get so many templates here for free. Go ahead and download them only to edit your family details.


Family Tree Documents

Powerpoint Family Tree Template

Well, getting into a presentation way and you want to show off something, then you must go for PPT, and yes Microsoft again will help you there.

Don’t worry and it is simple there, but you can use templates readily made for you as well. Select the model you want and use them to give a flashy presentation. You can also edit these templates to add and remove generations. You must remember that generally, kids look for such an attracting presentation for their school projects. You can teach them to make some effects and let them rock by proudly presenting about their ancestors in detail.

This project will undoubtedly help them know their great-grandparents.

Family Tree Template Google Docs

One another unique way to design a family is using Google Docs. It will let you quickly share the family tree with your entire family members. You must follow the steps given below to draw a family tree.

  • Sign into Google Drive
  • Select Google Doc or Google Excel
  • Insert Drawing Option
  • Use shapes and lines to make your tree


Family Tree Example

Family Tree Chart Template

You must know that a family chart in word document will let you make the family tree by inserting the name, birthday, death date, relationship, etc. Always remember to leave someplace in the chart and add details as and when you get them updated.

These chart templates provided here looks simple, and all you need to do is to start using them immediately. Click download and save it to your PC. Then open it and edit it with necessary details.

Spanish Family Tree Template

It’s good to know some details about Spanish family members. Find below the relationship name in Spanish.


Ok, ask me why you should know about Spanish family tree. I have an answer. When you want to learn another language, then it’s good to Involve in some activity. Activity-based learning will help. That’s correct I am doing here. Make a family tree and make the relationship stronger as well learn the Spanish language.

If you’re convinced, then take a look at the extended family names in Spanish

 great great grandfatherTatarabuelo
 great great grandmotherTatarabuela
 great grandfatherBisabuelo
 great grandmotherBisabuela
 cousin (male)primo
 cousin (female)prima

Family Tree Sample

amily Tree Book Template

For keeping the pedigree in a simple arrangement and add more value to the content, then family tree book will help. You can use this book template to illustrate your entire family and its lifelong ancestry in the form of a book. Do you agree that you can always keep this book with you?

Make use of the lineage book template and for any changes in your draft can be modified after you download the template.

One-Sided Family Tree Template

Here is a sensitive issue yet you must understand that sometimes a single parent may bring up a child. Then you must know that they might need a single family tree template. It could be a father and his ancestors or mother and her pedigree.

Family Tree Sample Word

Large Family Tree Template

Need for a large tree template becomes mandatory when you want to cover an extended family with many generations or with several siblings and their family. Also, when you have many uncles and aunt at that time, you need a large template.

You can map this extensive family tree and fill for a minimum of 3 generations or maximum 9. You can use any template to fit your family members.  Have fun recollecting as many people as much you can from your family!

The advantage of making one large family template is, it will be a one-time exercise. Your generations can use them and keep on adding to let know everyone in your family about your lineage. It will cover each relationship, and more substantial the tree is more magnificent is the family bonding.

Generation Family Tree

As the name indicates, you can use templates of a different generation. What does a generation mean people belonging one age group? Therefore you become one generation and your parent’s second generation and grandparents third and so one. In general, you will need a family tree for 3 generation family tree template word, and you can begin with that teach your kids about family and its people. Then you can make it more interesting by pasting the photo of all the people in the family tree on a printable family tree template 5 generations. Similarly, pick an 11 generation family tree template and collect the entire details and you know what you will find it a great exercise to know about your family members.


Family Tree Template

Learn how to make a generation family tree

Be it a 3, 4, 5, 9, 11 or 7 generation family tree template it is quick and easy when you understand the basics.

  • First, decide on the number of generations you have planned to make.
  • Quickly draw from the oldest generation.
  • Represent every member in a box and connect them with lines to indicate the relationships.
  • Then include siblings, spouses, ancestors, and descendants by using the click button on the SmartPanel. You can now feel free to write names and all other personal details.

Remember let every layer represent one generation.  You can try to download this 4 generation family tree template free version and try the instructions from writing backward and see how many people you know.

Preschool Family Tree Template

You can use all the details presented above and teach your preschooler to make a family tree. First, begin with the free template and ask them to fill details. Then edit the box with other shapes. Also, change the design, etc. Always remember you need to teach kids with colorful representation. Yes, they love colors, and you can show them colors by relating each color to one relative. Mom as in blue, Dad Red, and so on.

Trust me it will be an interesting exercise to do this with kids.


Family Tree Template Word

Black And White Family Tree Template   

Ok, now when you want to prepare for some exam and need some black and white template, then use this Black And White Family Tree Template and fill details. Sometimes you must make a powerful impact on people in the family in your research. You must strictly avoid colors, and hence you must go with the template.

Extended Family Tree Template Free

The extended family tree consists of cousins, uncles, aunts on both maternal and paternal side to make it a fantastic big template. You can use this colored template and add spice your family tree.

Family Tree Word

Wedding Family Tree Template     

It has become a trend to make a family tree in weddings to respect both families. You can use these templates and fill the details of both bride and grooms family.

Family Tree With Cousins Template

Know about cousins, First cousins will share a common grandparent, then second cousins will have great-grandparent in common, and third cousin’s great-great-grandparent would be in common. This model continues for a generation.

You can use this family tree with cousins to understand in profound about the relationship. One more thing about cousins you need to is the “removed cousins.”  It refers to the number of generations that separates the cousins on its own.

In summary, family tree not only helps you know about your relations but also makes you stay in touch if you can add the personal details in the tree. Allow your generations to grow stronger.


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