The template focuses on the most popular sea animal that is found in dense populations underwater- fishes.


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Lovably portrayed as harmless sea animals with big eyes, small fins and small mouth; they are vertebrates that need water to live and breathe. They belong to the family or phylum of vertebrates that are limbless and have a tail, fins and gills on their bodies. They are usually covered in scales to make their flow of passage through water smooth and to keep them slippery from being attacked by predators. They are classified broadly as armoured fish, cartilaginous fish, jaw-less fish, lobe-finned fish and ray-finned fish. Certain sea creatures that are not fishes but commonly mistaken of being one include jellyfish, crayfish, dolphins and whales. Fishes are also considered to be domestic pets, and goldfishes are usually used. This free underwater PowerPoint template has the picture of a fish inside the deep blue ocean, and the inner slides are also designed in a navy blue colour synonymous with the ocean. The template can be used by marine enthusiasts and marine ecology conservation bodies for any eco-drives or causes related to aquatic extinction due to the seafood industry, oil spills, etc. The PowerPoint can be used for marine biology classes and general science classes as well, with pictures of the most common fish species and their scientific names, along with their behavioral aspects.

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