The template is centred on flowers, which are the parts of a plant that bear seeds and reproduce.

Free-Nature-Powerpoint-Template 528 a

Free-Nature-Powerpoint-Template 528

Flowers are seen as symbols of femininity and beauty, and have been used for medicinal, food and religious purposes. The main parts of a flower are the vegetative parts or Perianth consisting of the calyx (sepals) and corolla (petals), and the reproductive parts consisting of the stamens and the carpels. Some popular flowers are roses, chrysanthemums, jasmines, sunflowers, lilies, etc. This free nature PowerPoint template features the design of a valley of golden sunflowers located below a snow mountain on a sunny day, a beautiful theme of positivity. The PowerPoint can be used by nature resources and botany websites for information on topics like parts of a flower, reproduction mechanisms of flowers through pollination, etc. Students can use the template for science classes on seasonal flowers and cultivation, flowering fruits and carnivorous plants like the Venus flytrap and Pitcher plant. Horticulturists and nurseries can use the template on their websites for advertising the flowers and their corresponding seeds sold by them as well as gardening accessories such as shearing prunes.

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