Food is the provider of nutrients essential to keep our bodies functioning, and the range of food has expanded by many folds over the years.



Nowadays, processed food is seen dominating the market with trans fat content and cholesterol, a threat to good health. And so, doctors such as general physicians and nutritionists recommend foods such as fruits with fibre and leafy vegetables with whole grains for good health, as these nature-sourced foods are medicinal themselves. This free medical PowerPoint has the picture of a green apple and a hale and healthy red heart wound by a stethoscope, symbolising the need for natural foods for a sound body. This free template can be used by dietitians, nutritionists and general physicians while giving health talks on the contemporary eating styles and sugar addiction, with pictures of necessary food items embedded in the slides. The PowerPoint can also be put in educational websites for young children about good food habits. Stores that are selling organic or diet-specific products can use the template as an online catalogue.

You can do free Medical PowerPoint template download from below location:

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