The template talks about forests, which are dense-tree flora and wilderness vegetation areas with fauna population living in them, which are a balanced eco-system.Free-Nature-Powerpoint-Template 513 a

Free-Nature-Powerpoint-Template 513

They account for 80% of the Earth’s biomass and exist from polar to equator regions, with difference in tree density, ecological functions, etc. Forests in the modern day run the ris of deforestation because of increase in human need for space to live, and the increased list of endangered species of plants and animals. Types of forests include evergreen coniferous forests in warm temperate zones, boreal forests in sub-arctic zones, coniferous, dry and moist forests in tropical and subtropical zones. They can also be classified based on their physical structure or development overall, climate and dominant species of trees. This free nature PowerPoint template has the design of a lonely road in the midst of a densely populated forest area. The template can be used on websites of forestry departments and nature conservationists for awareness on deforestation, endangered species, etc. The PowerPoint can be downloaded by students for topics on forest cover in their countries, and movements in history for the protection of forests.

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