Free Babysitting Flyers: Unique Ideas, Beautiful templates and samples

This article provides all the information you ever wanted to know about babysitting flyers along with outstanding free babysitting flyer templates. Teenagers often look for a babysitting job as this gives them an opportunity to earn some cash that they desperately need during college days to meet their necessities. If you are seriously looking for a babysitting job, a flyer is very much essential to make people know that you are available for the job of a babysitter. Now, the crucial question is how to make a babysitting flyer.

How to Make a Babysitting Flyer

The simplest way of making the above flyer is to use Microsoft word. By using text-editing software, you can prepare the same within a couple of few minutes. You can also use free babysitting flyer templates that are available in plenty over the web for free as starting from scratch may be a bit difficult for you.

Check featured babysitting flyer template provided in this article

If you making a start with a free babysitting flyer template, it is good to first decide what to put on a babysitting flyer.

What to put on a babysitting flyer?

Normally, your full name, age, experience if any, your image and your contact address. Including your experience always helps to draw parents towards you as they became aware of the fact that you a responsible teenager who can be trusted. An eye-catching graphic or image that could be of a baby or something really cute is always good to include in such a flyer to catch the attention of maximum people. An attention-grabbing header in a large font is also essential to put on your flyer and it can be “Babysitter for Hire”. You can also include the rate of working as a babysitter per hour in one corner of the flyer.

After completing the designing part, never forget to ensure that it is print-ready and this can be done either by asking someone at a local printing shop or any graphic designer who is known to you. Remember, your choice of paper for getting the design printed and the number of colours used in your design will determine your overall flyer cost. Lastly, distributing or posting your flyers at local elementary schools always helps to grab the attention of parents.

Babysitting Flyer Ideas

Here, we are presenting quite a few editable and free PSD Babysitting Flyer Templates so that you can draw a fair amount of inspiration and can make a babysitting flyer successfully within less time. Make your own babysitting flyer using any of our unique babysitting flyer ideas presented below:

  • Include cute illustrations 
  • A splash of Mother Nature 
  • Beautiful flowers never go wrong
  • Images of babies work wonders 

Free PSD Babysitting Flyer Templates

The template showcases a happy babysitter taking care of happy kids (brother & sister). The sun ray light brings in happy feeling  and the butterfly illustrations adds to the effect. This uses all possible ideas for babysitting flyer in one template. Thus we present this one as our featured template.

Babysitting Flyer Template 1

downloadBabysitting Flyer with Illustration & Image of Happy Children

Picture of happy children in babysitting flyer will always impose a positive image. This flyer presents exactly that along with a beatiful heart illustration at the top.

Babysitting Flyer Template 2



Babysitting flyer template free

If you are a teenage babysitter and if you want to showcase your picture with a baby to attract customers, this template would best suit you. Just replace the picture in the flyer presented below with yours and add in more details. All the text given in the flyer are editable. You can customize the text based on your need and preference.

Babysitting Flyer Template 3


Happy Children Babysitting Flyer with Flower Illustrations

This is another free flyer template with happy children and flower illustration. All the details are provided in the center.

Babysitting flyer template 4


Babysitting pictures flyers

Blue with yellow background provides the below flyer an unique look to stand out in the crowd. You may choose to add any of your picture or some child picture at the center to customize.

Babysitting flyer template - 5


Professional Babysitting Flyer

This one looks more professional due its image and color combination.

Babysitting flyer template 6


Happy Babysitting Home Flyer

Best suited for teenage babysitters as it showcases a happy home with kids.

Babysitting flyer template 7


Free Printable Babysitting Flyers (Microsoft Word Free Templates)

All the below 10 templates are free printable babysitting flyers that are created using microsoft world. You can simply download any of the below flyer template and customize using Microsoft word and they will be ready to print.

Happy Babysitter Portrait Flyer

Best suited for babysitters who want to include their portrait in the flyer. Yellow background gives the flyer an eye-catching look.

babysitting flyer template 8


Babysitting flyer template microsoft word free

This template showcases a baby with a pacifier. The baby illustration looks cute. You may choose to add a title at the grey background layer or change the background image as per your need.

Babysitting flyer template 9


Babysitter Flyer with Happy Kids

Happy kids illustration on top of the flyer will definitely work as an attraction element for the flyer presented below.

Babysitting flyer template 10


Funny Babysitter Flyer

Drinking baby illustration below is added to give a funny look to the flyer. Ofcouse, you may choose to remove or edit the flyer as per the requirement.

Babysitting Flyer Template 11


Love Babysitting Flyer

Showcases love to symbolize affection shown towards the babies while babysitting. This flyer can be used to target professionals. If you are a male babysitter, this one would best suit you.

Babysitting Flyer Template 12


Alphabets Babysitting Flyer

Alphabets are provided the background to provide kindergarten feeling to this babysitting flyer.

Babysitting Flyer Template 13


Babysitting flyers for teenagers

Teenagers often look for babysitting opportunity in their neighborhood. This flyer is best suited for teenage babysitters to promote their services.

Babysitting Flyer Template 14


Picture Courtesy: women carrying child picture is sourced from

Colorful Babysitting Flyer

This colorful flyer showcases that the babysitter is inclined to take care of the kid’s education while taking care of the child.

Babysitting Flyer Template 15


Toys Babysitting Flyer

The flyer portrays toys on the background to provide a happy feeling for the target audience.

Babysitting Flyer Template 16


Funny Kids Babysitter Flyer Template

The pacifier look of the baby illustrations provided in the below flyer add funny look. The details are clearly mentioned below the picture along with contact address and per hour charge.

Babysitting Flyer Template 17


We sincerely hope that you like our in house made free babysitting flyer templates. Feel free to request for any special templates that you would see fit to be added to the list. Send us your valuable suggestions using comments.