12 Mesmerizing Free bridal shower Flyer Templates

Bridal showers are quite popular in Canada, United States , Australia and in many other nations. Originating in the 19th century, the party held before wedding is known as a bridal shower. Usually friends and family members are invited in such a party and a bridal shower can be held in any restaurant or at a beach or any party spot.  Such an occasion also needs an invitation flyer so that guests can be informed about the venue, timings, etc. Since, there is already much efforts required to put in hosting a bridal shower, it is best to choose a free flyer template to cut the time. Let’s have a look at 12 such mesmerizing free bridal shower flyer templates free to download.

1.  Bridal Shower Invitation 

The light pink flyer template has a pair of heart shapes and a bunch of flowers with sufficient space to write the timing and venue details.




free bridal shower flyer1


2. Bridal Shower Activity Flyer 

If you are planning for some great craft activity for the gathered family members and friends, then the flyer with images of colorful craft items and text on white background is a must to have.


free bridal shower flyer2


3. Bridal Shower Tea Party 

The template features a bunch of bright pink roses at the bottom on a light colored background with text all over to give away the necessary information to the guests.


free bridal shower flyer 3

4. Bridal Shower Printable Flyer

The white part of the PDF template quintessentially illustrates a to be bride in her wedding gown on a peach colored background.

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free bridal shower flyer 4

5. Pink Bridal Shower Printable Invite 

The template feature a lovely pink color and a beautiful bride in white wedding gown on which you need to fill in the details of bridal shower.

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free bridal shower flyer 5


6. Bold Red Bridal Shower Printable 

The white bride in a pristine white gown on a bold red background indeed makes the printable PDF flyer an eye-catching one.

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free bridal shower flyer 6

7. Printable Bridal Shower Flyer 

The light blue flyer template features a bride wearing a flowing wedding gown and holding a bouquet with ample space for text.

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free bridal shower flyer 7

8. Black & White Bridal Shower Invitation Flyer 

If you are looking for an unconventional flyer, choose the black and white one featuring quirky text and a woman holding an umbrella.

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free bridal shower flyer 8

9.  Monochrome Bridal Shower Invitation Flyer 

The background of the PDF monochrome flyer is set as the fabric of a flowing gown of the bride with header in a beautiful font.

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free bridal shower flyer 9

10. Pink Bridal Shower Invitation

A white wedding gown in a hanger on a pink background with text in bright pink makes the template an elegant one for bridal shower invitation.

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free bridal shower flyer 10

11. Sexy Bridal Shower Flyer

The flyer feature vertical lines in different hues of pink, a subtle pink text box and a white corset on a hanger to make it a rather attention grabbing invitation.


free bridal shower flyer 11

12.  Blank Printable Bridal Shower Flyer

The template is simple one with blue narrow border and three cute little pink umbrellas to indicate the event as a bridal shower one.


free bridal shower flyer 12


Bridal shower is an event to be fondly remembered by the to be bride as well as her friends. Since, if you are going to host a bridal shower, you need to do a lot of preparations, it is best to use the free bridal shower flyer templates to invite your guests. You can very well customize these templates using Paint brush, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Acrobat to suit your taste.