Top 21 Free Cleaning Service Invoice Templates


Unlike, earlier when hospitality industry or the affluent families were the only ones to opt for professional cleaning services, more and more people busy  on their work front are hiring these professionals. If you have a cleaning service company, an access to cleaning service invoice templates is an absolute necessity to create a good impression on your clients. So, let’s have a look at the top 21 free cleaning service invoice templates that you will surely love to have.

1. Cleaning Invoice Template

A cleaning invoice must be clutter free and the invoice template is just like that with clean tables and white space all over to include every service detail in a proper way.

Cleaning Service Invoice 1

download2. Cleaning invoice example

With the company name in bold in the left top and an illustration of a girl with cleaning equipments, the invoice has the right number of text boxes and tables to present the text in a decent way.

cleaning invoice templates printable free


3. Cleaning invoices free downloads

Download the cleaning invoice template for free and you will be never wrong with your invoices. The white and peach colored template has a table of multiple columns and rows  along with a separate section for terms and conditions.
cleaning invoice example


4. Cleaning invoice form printable

If you are looking for an invoice template for your cleaning services which has an overall professional look, do the changes if needed and take out the printout. The template has a table of four columns and multiple rows to accommodate each and every service detail and amount.

cleaning invoices free downloads


5. Cleaning invoice template word

The word template features a decent table with a green header and four columns for service description, amount, rate and hours of service offered by your company. It also a features an impressive illustration of a cleaner in the left -top corner.

cleaning invoice form printable


6. Cleaning invoice templates printable free

The template has a clean layout with a text box and a table with multiple rows and columns.  The layout has ample scope to include every kind of service detail that you think is vital to include in your invoice.

cleaning invoice template word


7. Free carpet cleaning invoice

The all white pristine template has numerous check boxes in the right-hand corner and tables to include minutest details of the services offered by your company to your clients.

free carpet cleaning invoice forms


8. Basic cleaning invoice template

Work description is always an integral part of a service based invoice template and the basic cleaning invoice template is not an exception with multiple columns.

basic cleaning invoice template


9. House cleaning invoice template

The template may be perceived as totally cluttered at first glance, but it actually covers each and every aspect that much be in a house cleaning invoice to avoid any issues with the client.

house cleaning invoice template


10. Blank cleaning invoice

The cleaning invoice template is blank which makes it ideal all the more as you can fill up the details yourself with no need to edit anything. The template layout features multiple text boxes in two columns.

blank cleaning invoice


11. Free cleaning service invoice template

The cleaning invoice template has a big text box with rounded corners in the right corner and a table with multiple columns and rows in its body. Checkboxes in most of the rows and multiple text boxes makes this template a standout  amidst another professional cleaning invoice templates.

free cleaning service invoice templates


12. Office cleaning invoice template

When it is about office cleaning, an invoice of a cleaning company should be utmost professional and the template is just ideal with separate text boxes for vendor details, invoice number, details of service, hourly rate, etc.

office cleaning invoice template


13. Window cleaning invoice template

The template is an elegant one with everything falling in the right place. The blue and white template has ample white space and a table with multiple rows and column to include minutest service details.

window cleaning invoice template


14. Roof cleaning invoice with terms of agreement

The invoice template for roof cleaning is a simple one with a table with two distinct columns and multiple rows. The checkboxes and the comment section sets the template apart from all other professional cleaning templates.

roof cleaning invoice with terms of agreement


15. Exhaust hood cleaning invoice free

The invoice template may seem overdone with text and lines, but when it is about exhaust hood cleaning, it is better to include every service detail needed to show clarity to your client.

exhaust hood cleaning invoice free


16. Kitchen hood cleaning invoice

The last but not the least, the kitchen hood invoice template features a cte illustration in one corner and atable with multiple columns and rows.The template is elegant and is on a white background.

kitchen hood cleaning invoice


Some of the common free invoice templates from around the web are listed in the below collection. :

17. Printable cleaning service invoice

This is the service invoice which holds the company name with other common details. It includes address of the company as well as address of the customer too with the name and contact number.



18. Cleaning Invoice Sample – Open Office Format

This is the attractive invoice which contain all the necessary common information that a company need and that a customer want. The step by step article explains how to create a cleaning invoice for your business in open office format.



19. Floor Cleaning Service Invoice

This is the service invoice which holds the company name with the other common details. It includes the address of the company as well as address of the customer with name and contact number.



20. House Cleaning Invoice Sample

This is classic invoice form which holds the fields of personal information about the customer and calculative information about payments. Just add the template to cart and provide details to check out. No need to pay a penny. You can get the invoice template for free.



21. Online cleaning invoice sample

This is the common used template. It contains the name of the company, invoice information with address and contact and billing information. It is an online form allowing you to edit and add the information online and finally download the invoice in pdf format.



So, these are the 21 cleaning invoice templates that you can use for free! Some are fully editable and some are blank. Hope, the collection of templates will be liked. Please don’t hesistate to give your comments below.


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