Free Club Flyer Templates

An amazing club often requires an amazing club flyer to bring in good number of people to have fun at the event. In any day, predesigned club flyer templates gives an edge to create better flyers for clubs and parties. It gets better when they are available for free! In this article, we have tried to provide 8 awesome free club flyer templates that can be used for wide range of events such as night club flyers, ladies club flyers, dancing club flyers, party club flyers, etc. All the templates are handcrafted to work well for your club and party need. Go ahead and use them as you see fit. 

For any club or party, flyers work as an effective mode of promotional efforts while keeping the costs low. Best flyers always create hype among the target audience and leads to success of event or club.

Free PSD Club Flyer Templates

Are you going to start a new nightclub? Or do you have a DJ party this Friday and looking to promote the event? Or do you have best promotional days for your regular customers? Be it any reason, you cannot make it successful without best looking club flyers comes from professional designers. Why pay huge amount to designers when you got eye-catching club flyer templates right here waiting for you to download.

Sweet Hearts Club Flyer Template

If you have a club for couples and sweet hearts, this flyer is best for your promotional needs. The flyer showcases a couple being in love and a silhouette of dancing couple to showcase fun nature of your club. Add any other details replacing the dummy text in the flyer to give credibility.

Club Flyer Template 1


Dancing Club Flyer Template

This is a dancing club flyer with eye-catching design. It even includes discount details to attract more customers.

Club Flyer Template 2


Night Club Flyer Template

Best night club flyer ever – designed with rocking crowd in mind showcasing dancing youth and a rocking DJ. Check out the font for your night club, it is designed with city skyline at the background to provide attractive look.

Club Flyer Template 3


Club Flyer Template PSD

Simple flyer with party details presented in attractive way.

Club Flyer Template 4


DJ Club Flyer Template

This flyer is best suitable for DJ clubs or DJ parties.

Club Flyer Template 5


Dancing Girl Club Flyer Template

This flyer has a vector image of a dancing girl to showcase your club is fun to join and the party will be of more fun.

Club Flyer Template 6


Party Club Flyer Template

If you want to host a night party in your club, this club flyer will best suit your need.

club flyer template 7


Club Flyer Template PSD Download

Simple yet elegant design for a club flyer showcased with many details given in bright bubbles while the abstract background gives a party feeling.

club flyer template 8


With these free psd club flyer templates, you can create awesome club flyers for your business.

Things to Do While Using a Free Club Flyer Template

  • Always use blustering designs for club flyers
  • Using pulsating colors always helps
  • Add images that can express the feel of the club
  • Text design should create high impact
  • Add any relevant patterns, shapes which can increase uniqueness and attractive nature of the flyer.

How to Customize Your Free Club Flyer Template

All these free club flyer templates are editable using Photoshop. When you invest good number of hours in the template, you can create swashbuckling designs that can appeal to your customers.

  • These club flyers are designed to gain attention from your customers with their stylish and attractive look.
  • You are free to remove or add additional pictures, edit the subtitles, titles and change the timings and address details in the flyers to suit your business / club requirement.
  • Add DJ details if you have one – It gives an edge for customers to flock in the club.
  • You may choose to change the font to give a stylish look
  • Even add a tear-off part to add discount details

How To Promote Your Club Using Our Club Flyer Template

  • Don’t forget to share your club flyer softcopy in social media. With increasing usage of Facebook, promoting your club through social media would really mean the most cost effective way to attract more customers. These free psd free club flyers are designed to create viral traffic from social media to provide you a marketing advantage.
  • Distribute the flyers in hot hangout locations of your target customers. For example, if you are starting a dancing club, distribute the flyers in dancing competitons, dancing events, etc.
  • Always encourage walk-in customers to get a flyer. Keep them at your reception desk so people can pickup when they visit your club for enquiry.

Some Precautions & Flyer Printing Tips

  • Don’t just add any image that you get from Google. Always ensure to have proper rights for the images used in club flyers. Better to get stock photographs than using images without license.
  • Print club flyers in HD resolution to create impact. Make sure to save the PSD file in PDF club flyer format so that you can get it printed effectively.
  • Use these predefined templates to save time.
  • You can use these free psd club flyer templates to create Promo posters which can decorate your event walls. Add spark to your club venue using enlarged prints of these flyers.