10 Free CupCake Flyers Too Cute To Ignore


moreinfoA cup cake is a small cake sufficient only for a single person and is loved by kids all over the world. If you are in a cake business or willing to start the same, then cupcake flyers can come very handy to spread a positive world of message about your business to a large number of clientele .  Having eye-catching flyers is a must which can be tricky as this involves a lot of hard work, especially if you are not in graphic designing. So, here we are presenting 10 free cup cake flyers that are both cute and loving.

1.  Cupcake Retro Flyer 

The flyer template features a lovely background of baby pink and three delicious looking cupcakes with the pricing in a light yellow colored circle.


freecupcakeflyer12. Fundraiser Cupcake Flyer 

download moreinfoThe template features a nice subtle colored background with a prominent image of a cupcake and details on a white text box that indicates the


3.  Colorful Cupcake Flyer 

downloadmoreinfoA dash of pastel colors like yellow, green, pink and blue make out this cupcake flyer template an eye-catching one in which the bold text in white makes it more endearing.



4. Cupcake Decorating Class Flyer 



With multiple illustrations of cupcakes of diverse toppings on a light background and a blue column with text details in white and light pink, the flyer is perfect to advertise a cupcake decorating class for children.



5. Pink Cupcake Polka Dot Flyer 


The flyer feature a pretty pink cupcake in a brown paper liner on a white base filled with polka dots  and its main text in bold on pink colored text boxes.


freecupcakeflyer56. Sweet Fall Cupcake Tasting Flyer 


The flyer is designed beautifully with an awesome combination of white and bright orange with ample images of fruits, nuts and chocolates that speaks a lot of the available cupcake flavours in the bake sale.




7. Cupcake Sale Flyer 


The flyer in pink with text in contrasting colors of black on pink base and pink on white base is good enough to attract people towards the cupcake sale effortlessly.



8. Printable Cupcake  Sale Flyer 

download moreinfo

The PDF flyer template has cuteness overloaded with four cute cupcake images with tempting toppings on a pink polka dot base and three colored circles for the text in contrasting colors.


freecupcakeflyer89. Wine and Cupcake Tasting Flyer 


Designed with spirals in pink on a white base, the elegant flyer template features illustration of two pretty girls and ample space for flyer details in black text.



freecupcakeflyer910. Bright Retro Cupcake Template


The template in bright hues of red and blue with ample white space is extremely attractive featuring multiple cupcakes and surprisingly cute butterflies on a white base with red polka dots.



We are sure that by a little customization, you can use any one of these flyers for your business effortlessly. The flyers are all downloadable for free and are in bright colors.  Comment about how you feel about our cup cake collection which we are sure is too cute to ignore.