13 Free Electrical Invoice Templates Download


This article provides 13 free electrical invoice templates download which can be used by electricians and electrical companies to invoice their customers.

1. Electrical Invoice Template Free

Our electrical invoice template showcased below has exhaustive list of electricial work requirements including inspection, repair, installation or replacement of electrical goods and appliances.

The invoice has abilities to capture labor and material requirements along with their line of charges. This invoice template is quire popular among repairmen, landlords and electricians. It can be best suitable to print in a carbonless paper with a size limit of 9″ x 11.5″. You can further customise the template to your needs and requirements.

Electrical Invoice Template Free


2. Electrical Invoice Template Word

This electrical invoice template word is useful if you are looking for an invoice template to open and edit it with microsoft office or through open office software. This word based invoice template is very easy to customize. The logo and simple base is very much suitable for small scale electrical companies.

Electrical Invoice Template Word

download3. Electrical Invoice Form

The electricial invoice form is quite useful to document the services in such a way that it becomes a reference point for both the customers and the electrical contractor. Mentioning the deadline for payments makes it clear to pay up the required amount of money in time to get the services completed in time. The yellow based electrician logo makes it look so professional that even electrical companies can use these electrical invoice forms for their need.

Electrical Invoice Form

download4. Blank Electrical Invoice Template

You can customize this blank electricial invoice template to include any details you want for your electricial work. The description box in the middle outlays the service in detail. Individual line items in the grid can be used to mention description of individual services offered along with number of hours put in to complete the job. The per hour rate makes it clear how much each work is costed at and the final column mentions the total amount of money charged for the service (=Fof hours spent x rate per hour). Finally this invoice template can also be used as electricial work estimate.

Blank Electrical Invoice Template

download5.  Electrical Contractor Invoice Template Free

Electrical contractor invoice template are suitable for usage by electrical contractors. This invoice template can be printed with your logo, address and company name. Though the form looks simple, this can be very much functionally useful for the contractors. The electrical invoice form has enough places to hold details on labor, materials required, taxes to be charged, etc. Individual line items specify detailed materials and labor required by the contractor to carry out the electrical job. At the end of the template, it provides total prices along with tax to ensure the charges are communicated clearly to the customer.

Electrical Contractor Invoice Template Free

download6. Electrical Invoice Template Australia

The electrical invoice template Australia is suitable for electrical contractors situated out of Australia. This template can help save your time as it is carefully designed suiting the need for electrical contractors. If you are an independed electrician, this electricial invoice template is still hold useful as it is logically constructued to serve both contractors and individual electricians alike.

Electrical Invoice Template Australia


7. Electrical Invoice Template UK

It is essential to have efficient invoicing process to create a flawless electrical invoice template UK. Some of the key factors that are to be included: well laid out contract terms, details of company (logo, name, address, contact details, etc.), clear description of expenses and services that are promised for those charges. Standard VAT and other applicable taxes should be mentioned clearly in the electrical invoice sheet to serve UK legal and regulatory requirements.

Electrical Invoice Template UK

download8. Electrical Contractor Invoice Template

Electrical contractors are those who undertake electrical installation, maintenance and repair jobs for a fixed fee. They would initially check the requirements with the customers and quote a specific amount. If both parties agree for the cost, then the contractor undertakes the job on specific terms.  This electrical contractor invoice template is used to invoice such contracts. It can very well capture the mode of payment, details of the customers, advance paid and return of materials if required. Please do add the relevant tax details to complete regulatory requirements.

Electrical Contractor Invoice Template

download9. Electrician Invoice Template

Electrician invoice is useful when customer requests the electrician for specific services and the electrician provides a clear idea of how much he would be billing. Electrician invoice can be used by individual professionals or by electrical firms. The invoice template can be used to document name of the electrician, services rendered, materials used, invoice number and other relevant contact information. It is better to capture each item repaired or installed at the customer premised with explanation on services renedered. If there are specific rules followed by the electrician or electrical company regarding payment terms and service terms, that can also be added to this electrician invoice template.

Electrician Invoice Template

download10. Download Electrical Invoice Template

This electrical invoice template is available only in PDF format for free. You can simply print this form and then fill up all the relevant details including the company details, customer details and the billing details. In case if you want to print this form after customization, you can do so by paying an additional fee for the template. I would suggest you to look for other free electricial invoice templates download provided in this article before you do so.

Download Electrical Invoice Template

download11. Electrical Invoice Template Excel

This is an excel based electricial invoice template. The best part of this invoice template is the space provided to have description for labor used and description of all the materials used. Any further comments can be mentioned in the notes box to provide clear idea on terms of service to the customer.

Electrical Invoice Template Excel


12. Electrical Invoice Template Software

This electrical invoice template software is an online form available for customization i.e. you can customize the invoice by entering required details in the empty boxes provided and in the grid for services and its prices. After completely filling the details, you can click on the print button to get the invoice template printed in your preferred paper. I would suggest you to use a carbonless paper. You can also add your logo if you have one to make it more appealing.

Electrical Invoice Template Software


13. Electrical Invoice Sheet

Electrical invoice sheet is best used as electrician quote document. It has ligh blue background to provide professional look. The details inside can be edited as per the electrician’s requirement.

Electrical Invoice Sheet


14. Electrical Billing Software

AccountPro is an electricial billing software. The software comes with an exhaustive of list of 6000 electricial items inbuilt in its database. So all you have to do is to add them in relevant fields and print your invoice flawlessly. You can create as many invoices as you require using this billing software. It even provides you to keep account on inventory, maintenance remainders, commission on sales and costing for specific jobs. You can bill both labor charges and material charges using this software. There are some predefined terms and conditions provided with the software. You may choose to edit the info and add additonal details if required. This electrical billing software is available for one time fee of $170.

Electrical Billing Software



Hope you enjoy these electricial invoice templates and put them to professional use. Do let us know if you need any further customizations or any other additional formats, we will be happy to add that to our list.


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