20 Free Event Flyer Templates For Range Of Events

Designing an event flyer that can catch the attention of your target audience is a not a mean task and requires a lot of planning. However, there are also many free event flyer templates available over the web that can make your work easier, especially because all these can be customized as per your requirements. So, here are 20 such free event flyer templates for a range of events starting from a spring event to a car show. Just pick up the one that seems most suitable for you and edit it!

1.  Spring Event Flyer  

A broad navy blue border, blue rain drops and an image of a cottage surrounded by fresh green leaves with tiny pink flowers say all about the perfect spring flyer template.

Free Event Flyer Template1



2. Summer Event Flyer  

Designed in subtle sky blue the template features a red bucket and a bright yellow hand spade with ample space to write the event details.

Free Event Flyer Template2

download3. Academic Event Flyer  

The black and white template has the vent name in bold in white to stood out prominently and has been downloaded more than 70K times.Free Event Flyer Template3


4.  Generic Event Flyer 

The template is apt for advertising any kind of event. With a simple design in subtle colors and a bright banner at the bottom, the template looks elegant.

Free Event Flyer Template4


5. Fall Seasonal Event Flyer 

The color block design template  has mainly two colors-orange and red while the text area is white with text in black as well as red. Logo space is also there.

Free Event Flyer Template5


6. Fall Event Flyer 

The falling leaves background makes the template an ideal one for advertising a fall event in simple but elegant manner.

Free Event Flyer Template6

download7.  Free PSD Event Flyer 

The template is editable in photoshop and has a geometric design pattern in multi color over a light background.

Free Event Flyer Template7


8.  Origami Event Flyer

The PSD template is a lovely one in two shades of blue with heading in bright orange in bold to create a contrast and creating a great impression.

Free Event Flyer Template8


9.  A4 Format Space Event Flyer 

The editable template can be used for a flyer as well as a poster for any space event with a space background and hexagon text blocks.

Free Event Flyer Template9


10. Geometric Editable Flyer 

The sea green template has a multitude of triangles and circles of various sizes in red and pink with event name in bold white color.

Free Event Flyer Template10


11.  Retro Flyer Template For Event 

The stunning template features a rare combination of red, black and pink to create a retro impact.

Free Event Flyer Template11


12.  Social Event Flyer 

The simple PSD template has a black background and text in bold in contrasting bright yellow as well as white. Fonts are also available for free download.

Free Event Flyer Template12


13. Event Flyer PSD 

The retro style template feature a contrasting color scheme. The template can be edit fully in photoshop easily.

Free Event Flyer Template13


14. Summer Flyer Template 

The green template in PSD is a perfect one for any summer event. With colorful flowers and greenery, the template is an awesome one.

Free Event Flyer Template14


15.  Special Event Flyer 

The template in word can be used for any fall event as well as special event like worship gathering and has a simple design.

Free Event Flyer Template15



16. Sports Event Flyer 

The template is an awesome for to advertise a sports event like basket ball as it has an image of a basketball net in the background.


Free Event Flyer Template16



17. Reunion Party Flyer 

With colorful balloons, gifts back and illustration of people having fun, the template is apt for a reunion party flyer.


Free Event Flyer Template17



18. Kids Workshop Flyer

The vibrating template in microsoft publisher for kids painting workshop has a broad yellow border with colorful handprints and white space for the event details.


Free Event Flyer Template18



19.  Graduation Ceremony Flyer 

The no-frill template feature a bright border and a sketch of a student with a graduation cap, gown and degree.


Free Event Flyer Template19



20. Car Show Flyer 

A red smashing racing car, a golden cup and two flags on a white background make the template an irresistible one for any car show  event.


Free Event Flyer Template20



Hope, all the free event flyer templates featured above for advertising any event can be of great use by a little customization. So, just download these flyer templates and impress your audience. It is possible to replace the images also by yours and to include your own company or organization logo wherever needed.