15 Graduation Flyers For Inviting & Congratulating Your Students or Friends

Graduation flyers are necessary to invite your friends to your graduation party held at home or any other place. Graduation flyers are also used by educational institutions to congratulate their students . So, if you are looking for some graduation flyers that can really look  good as well as serve the purpose rightly, then here have a look at these 15 graduation flyers that you can download easily. What’s more , you can customize these templates effortlessly too.

1. Graduate Congratulations Flyer  


The light blue flyer template filled with flying graduation caps  and in the bottom faded illustration of students wearing their graduation caps makes the template a simple yet ideal one for congratulating students.



free graduation flyer12. Graduation Announcement Flyer 



The template is an elegant one and can be printed on an A4 size paper to get two small flyers once at a time. Designed on a white base with a sky blue text box, the template feature a nice border.



free graduation flyer2

3. Graduation Sample Flyer 



With a broad white border around a blue base with flying graduation caps in black and grey, the main text is in blue in bold to make this a simple sample flyer for celebrating the graduation.



free graduation flyer3

4. Tempest Graduation Flyer

The two page flyer has a dark colored template design with an image of a smiling student donning the graduation cap and a white template design with mostly text as well as multiple images.





free graduation flyer4

5. Printable Graduation Party Invitation Flyer 



The printable flyer has a light cream background and a golden strip with a black graduation cap. The text is written in small sized fonts and overall the template appears a sophisticated invitation flyer.





free graduation flyer5

6. Graduation Ceremony Flyer 



The flyer feature a decorative black border around a cream colored base within which a graduation cap and a degree with the ceremony details in black text makes it appear an elegant one.




free graduation flyer6

7.  Graduation Party Invitation 


Party balloons in golden and silver color and flying graduation caps with degrees set the mood of a graduation party and the invitation flyer is a suitable one for the occasion.





free graduation flyer7


8. Magic Graduation Party Flyer 


The flyer template is designed featuring curtains, balloons, a pigeon on a pink backdrop and text space on white  while the header is in bold black.downloadmoreinfo


magic graduation party themes

9. Printable Graduation Party Template 


The template is no fuss with a white background for party details and an image box outlined by a black border. The template also has a nice narrow orange colored border.


moreinfofree graduation flyer9

10. Graduation Party Invitation Flyer 

A badge on the top left and a degree in the right -bottom along with the broad black border, makes the otherwise a simple template a pleasant one for inviting friends and relatives.



free graduation flyer10

11. Graduation Celebration Flyer 


A large white circle with text space and a black graduation cap encircled by a pink border on a striped light background is indeed simple and yet elegant enough to mark a graduation celebration.

download moreinfo


free graduation flyer11

12. Printable Graduation Flyer 

Ready to print the flyer has a graduation cap in the left -top, black header, text space to be filled up by you and a bright yellow colored border.

download moreinfo


free graduation flyer12

13.  Oriental Graduation Flyer

Are you looking for an oriental graduation flyer, the template featured is a simple one with an illustration of a japanese student and elegant font usage with a dint of orange.



free graduation flyer13

14.  Lavender Graduation Flyer 

The graduation flyer template is in white with a multi-colored narrow border and a text box for the header. Heavy on the text details, the flyer also features a degree and a graduation cap.

download moreinfo

free graduation flyer14

15. Mathematics Graduation Flyer 

The PDF template has a wide image of happy students with their graduation coats and event details below on a light peach colored background in black.


free graduation flyer15

Please write in the comment section about what you feel about our collection of free graduation flyers. Remember, all the flyers are editable using Adobe acrobat, MS Word or Paint Brush within a matter of few seconds and voila! your graduation flyer is ready for use. Best of luck!