Free Gym Membership Card Templates

Are you a gym owner looking to create ID Cards for your members? Creating custom gym membership cards is critical to maintaining and building a strong brand for your gym. In this guide, we’re going to give you a list of free gym membership card templates that are fully editable to get you started in creating your access cards.

We use Canva for all of our design needs here at Demplates. Having been a Canva Power User for over 7 years, we can safely say that Canva canĀ just aboutĀ everything that Adobe photoshop can do.

Free Gym Membership Card Templates, Fully Editable

The first design we’ve got here is a grey and yellow ID Card. This design is fully editable in Canva.

Editable Yellow Gym Membership Card

This gym member keycard features a bright yellow design, with the member photo set to the right side of the design. Gym keycards with a striking, bright design pop and give your members something to talk about when talking amongst their friends and family!

Typically, gym keycards are boring. Consider utilizing bright designs to make your keycards or member IDs stand out from the competition. This is a valuable marketing tip that will help your gyms branding considerably.







Editable Red and Grey Gym Membership Card

Below, we’ve created a basic red and grey, with blue base keycard. This design, as with all of our gym ID designs, is fully editable. To start editing any of our designs, simply click the image. Our designs are all built using Canva, one of the top free design tools on the internet.

Example of an editable gym membership card







Blue Editable Gym Membership ID Card

Below is an example of the same membership card, with a blue-based design. All of our designs are fully editable in Canva.

Photo shows an example of a blue gym membership card






Brown Design Gym Membership Keycard and ID

This brown gym keycard design uses subdued brown hues to create a striking image that is sure to set your brand apart from the rest.

One of the most basic gym keycard design tips you can follow is to include your brand logo in the design of the card. Make sure that your gym logo stands out from the rest of the card, typically, featured in a white area. This is an important thing to consider in branding. Your brand must always pop from the rest of the marketing material you’re building, to ensure it’ll remain recognizable.

Example of a brown design gym membership keycard and id







Red and Black Design Gym Membership ID and Keycard

This red, grey, and black gym ID or membership keycard is sure to stand out from competitors around town.

Example of a red and black gym membership keycard

Blue and Black Gym Keycard Design

In this blue and black gym keycard design, we’re using a white space to the right of the keycard to ensure that your brand logo pops from the rest of the card. Your members will love a clean, simple design that they can show off to friends and family when they’re talking about their favorite gym.

Example of a blue gym membership keycard idea

Orange Black and Grey Gym Membership Keycard Design

In this simple, but striking, orange and grey gym membership keycard, we’re using white space effectively to showcase your gym logo to the right of the keycard.

As with all of our designs, you can start editing right away using Canva’s free design tool. Simply click an image to start editing your gym’s new keycard design!

Orange editable gym membership card