12 Free Hip Hop Flyer Templates

When we talk about hip-hop, the first thing that comes in our mind is hip hop dance and yes off course djing. Designing a flyer for this artistic culture that becomes immensely popular in the 1970s  is not an easy task. Today, many think  hip-hop as rap music, but the range of hip hop culture is in fact very broad encompassing DJing, Rapping, Graffiti, B-boying and many more things. Hence, we  have collected 12 free hip-hop flyer templates that can be used to publize a hip-hop event successfully.

1. Club Chrome Hip-Hop 

A subtle background and an image of a blackman as DJ with text in some interesting fonts make the template a desirable one for promoting a hip-hop night.




2.RUN NYC Old School Hip-Hop 

White text in all capital on  a black base and interesting use of red color to build up a contrasting effect makes the template an eye-catching one.

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3.  Going Deeper Free Hip Hop 

The flyer template features a colored image of a rapper and black & white images of many other rappers along with an ornate border on a black base.

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4. Hip Hop NightClub 

With hundreds of loudspeakers in the background and a rapper in hoodies, the template in black can be touted as a perfect hip hop flyer.

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5.  Long Hip Hop Flyer 

The flyer design is an eye-catching one with image of a pretty DJ girl and colorful rays taking up most of the flyer space.

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6. Hip Hop -The Homeless Show 

A microphone and ample text in multi-colors all over to convey the desired message are the prominent aspects of the flyer template design.

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7.  Disco Night 

As it is common for  DJ’s playing records on disco, the flyer is included and has an amazing color combinationof blue and white.



8. Hip Hop Dance Class 

Colorful just like a rainbow, the template features an image of a boy doing hip hop dance and text boxes of various sizes for the needed text.

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9. Boceto Flyer Hip Hop 

The template featuring a small boy standing in between two huge dogs on a pristine white background is an unconventional hip hop flyer design.

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10. Graffiti Free Flyer 

The template design is an extremely simple with an image of house with its walls adorned with graffiti and more text space to clearly state the information

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11. Hip Hop Party

With microphones, discs , microphones and all others, the template has an interesting design and a unique color combination.

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12. Dance Hip-Hop Youth Flyer 

The last one is a PDF flyer template in white with mainly a small illustration of a boy enjoying hip-hop music and text in aqua-green.


hip-hop-flyer-template12. jpeg

We are sure that our collection of these free hip hop flyers will be appreciated by you and can be of a matter of great help in promoting any hip hop event. Easy to customize, the flyers are although less in figures  will surely save your precious time in designing a hip hop flyer from nowhere. If you come across any other free hip hop flyer that can be download in a hassle free manner without any registration or need to like the source of the flyer on social networking sites, kindly mention them along with their link in the comment section below.