14 Free Plumbing Invoice Templates


This article provides big collection of free plumbing invoice templates. Plumbing is a common occupation all over the world. This occupation has a significance importance to the commercial and domestic work area everywhere.

In plumbing, people have to do the installation, maintenance and the control other problems related to the watering, piping and housing. The work area of Plumbing ranges from small housing to the large buildings. For every work, there is a need to produce a professional plumbing invoice template. That is the reason why we collected some awesome templates across the web as well as from our own production house.

1. Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template

Plumbing invoices are important for the customers since they can have a general idea of what they need to have in their premises and how much will it cost them. This invoice holds all the necessary information about plumbing services.

Free plumbing invoice template 1


2. Plumbing Receipt Template

The invoice template was specifically designed with plumbers and handymen in mind. The wrench and pipes clearly make a statement that this invoice was sent by the local plumber which used professional and simple online invoicing software. You have to signup (for free) with invoiceberry to download this template.

Plumbing Invoice Template 2


3. Plumbing Invoice Format

With this plumbing invoice template, you can: Add your own company name, logo and contact details including street address, city, zip code, phone, etc. Note that this invoice template is available only in pdf format under free license. You may purchase editable version if you like the free version.

free plumbin invoice template 3


4. Plumbing Invoice Forms

Plumbing Invoice forms will be custom printed with your company name and contact information. These forms can be used as a work order form, estimate form or an invoice form. This is an online invoice form which you can customize it as per your need and get it printed for free.



5. Plumbing Invoice Sample

This plumbing invoice sample is made to calculate and detail the total cost that is occurred in the whole process of plumbing. plumbing-invoice-template-free-5


6. Plumber Receipt Template

This plumber receipt template also contains the business addresses like the phone contacts, the street addresses, and the name. In the invoice template body, the plumbing company has a section to record the description of work, the material used and their cost along with arrival time and departure time of the worker.

free plumbing invoice template


The below plumbing service invoice templates are produced inhouse from Demplates production house. Feel free to use them for your personal requirements 🙂

7. Plumbing Service Billing Template

Plumbing Service Billing Template (Landscape) includes the same number of fields as the original version. Unlike the other 2-column invoice templates, Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template. With this invoice, you can make the whole details of ordered work and mark the work which is done and which is remaining.

free plumbing invoice template 7


8. Plumbing Invoice Format Word

In this template, you can easily mention the details description and its amount and also mention the calculations of a sum. This is a professional plumbing template of an invoice with which you can give the complete details to your customer.

free plumbing invoice template 8


9. Plumbing Company Invoice

This template is the detailed template which includes all the all the areas of plumbing.

free plumbing invoice template 9


10. Plumbing Invoice Template Word

This is another template which holds all the work orders of the plumbing and the work done. This template holds all the labor included and the description of work done.

free plumbing invoice template 10


11. Free Plumbing Invoice Template Word

This is a simple detailed holding template. The template containing all the details of plumbing. You can add the address and the details here.

free plumbing invoice template 11


12. Plumbing Repair Invoice Template

This is another official plumbing invoice.

free plumbing invoice templates 12


13. Sample Plumbing Work Invoice

This sample invoice template can help to address plumber’s requirement to bill any particular job or one particular customer. The details for materials and work related description can be entered in the body of the invoice.

free plumbing invoice templates 13


14. Printable Plumbing Invoice Template Word

This one is similar to the template 13 showcased above. However, the background image can give professional look when you print this plumbing invoice.

free plumbing invoice template 14


Things to Include in a Plumbing Invoice

  • Display proper business / trade name with clear details of address, contact number, facsimile, website address, etc.
  • Make sure to include mandatory government Business registration / tax registration number.
  • Name and contact details of the customer should be written neatly on the invoice.
  • All the plumbing parts that were procured for the job should be listed with per unit cost along with number of units to make the invoice clear and legible.
  • It is mandatory to break the service charges to acquire trust from your customers. Customers are entrusted to know what they are charged So make sure to break your service charges into different categories.
  • If you are working with an organization over a purchase order – don’t forget to include the PO number for reference.
  • Dates – Include all the dates that the PO raised, Plumbing service started, ended date and the date inwhich invoice was raised.
  • Be clear about payment terms.

Plumbing service is an ever green business, so to keep your plumbing service perfect, you need to select the correct plumbing invoice template. We tried hard to select best of the best invoice templates. These are free templates, so you may choose any template which fits you the best. Do send your feedback through comments below if you want us to include any other free template.


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