20 Best Free Sports Flyer Templates

Promoting your sports club or an incoming sports event need a lot of advertising and promotion. What can be better other than an attractive sports flyer to serve this purpose.  Again, designing a flyer from scratch can be really a long affair as this needs much precision and creativity. Hence, here there is a wonderful collection of 20  free sports flyer templates for your consideration. As all the templates featured below are free of cost and editable, you can use it for any other event also by changing the image.

1.  Sports Pep Rally Flyer For School 

The colorful template in word has been downloaded already more than thousand times  and is perfect to promote a sports event as well as to motivate players.


Sports Flyer Template 1


2. Basketball Party Invitation Flyer 

Designed in MS-Word, the template is an elegant one with some boys playing basketball. The template has a combination of bright orange and white.


Sports Flyer Template 2

3. Football Party Flyer 

The green sports flyer template is a simple one with an image of a referee with a whistle in  his hand and text in white.


Sports Flyer Template 3


4. Basketball Flyer Template 

The template is an awesome for to advertise a sports event like basket ball with a watermark of a basketball net in the background and multiple basketballs in the top and bottom of the flyer.

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Free Event Flyer Template16

5. Hockey Flyer Template 

The simple template in word has subtle purple background for text with two hockey sticks and a ball as well as an image of players playing hockey at the top.

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Sports Flyer Template 56. Baseball Flyer Template 

An eye-catching image of a baseball bat and ball and enough white text base make this flyer a perfect one as a sports flyer.

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Sports Flyer Template 6

7. Basketball Flyer Template 

The flyer template has a huge basketball as watermark and text in black above the same with some pleasing images related to the sport all over.

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Sports Flyer Template 78. Bowling Flyer Template 

Although, Bowling is considered more as a leisure activity, the wonderful template in black and grey makes its way in this list quite effortlessly.

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Sports Flyer Template 8

9. Ice Hockey Flyer 

The flyer is designed in light yellow color with text in black and multiple colored images of players playing a match.Can also be used as a fundraising flyer template.

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Sports Flyer Template 9

10.  Bowling Flyer in MS Publisher 

The template has a blood red banner at the top and fine border on all sides. It also features text in black and red along with an image of bowlings pins.

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Sports Flyer Template10


11.  Football Fans Flyer 

The red flyer template has football fans waving flags and cheering for their football players in the background and text in white above the same.

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Sports Flyer Template11

12.  Sports Football Flyer Template 

The flyer is a simple one with a white base and a prominent image of a football. The text is written vertically in red and yes, the flyer has got red border too.

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Sports Flyer Template12

13. Sports  Golf Flyer Template

The simple yet elegant template in green has the best image to draw attention of onlookers towards the sports of golf with text in white. 

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Sports Flyer Template13

14. Sports Hockey Flyer Template 

A field , players, packed stadium and all these make the template a nice one for a sports flyer.

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Sports Flyer Template14

15.   Bowling Flyer In White 

The last sports template has an illustration of man bowling on a white base and a good soothing color combination of grey and orange.

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Sports Flyer Template15

16.  Tennis Clinic Flyer 

Designed in inkscape, the black and green template  feature players playing in a tennis court that can be customized in a hassle free manner.

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Sports Flyer Template16



17. Soccer Clinic Flyer 

The inkscape flyer template has a white and green combination and looks every inch a flyer to promote a soccer event.

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Sports Flyer Template17


18. Youth Soccer Clinic 

With images of three boys enjoying soccer , the inkscape template has a wonderful contrast of white and green with a dash of bright orange.

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Sports Flyer Template18


19. Sports template 

On a black background, images of  badminton, basketball and others along with a soccer player makes this word template a thorough sports flyer.

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Sports Flyer Template19


20. Golf Flyer 

A lush green golf course and a white golf ball at the bottom along with a blue sky with illustrations of gold players in action sums up this as a perfect golf flyer.

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Sports Flyer Template20

All the sports flyers are easy to edit in terms of text or images and can be used for promoting other events also apart from any sports event.  We know time is now extremely precious and creating a sports flyer is not an easy task so rather than preparing them for scratch or hiring a professional, the work can be done by customizing the available free sports flyers to serve the purpose.