12 Free summer camp flyer templates

Summer camps are always a time of ultimate fun for kids including teenagers. Organised mainly by schools or colleges during summer months, the camps offer mainly activities like hiking, campfires, canoeing, performing arts and many more things to say. Nowadays, summer camps are organised by certain organisations and individuals too in some countries offering singing and dancing or craft making sessions. If you are going to organise a supervised summer camp , then obviously you will require flyers too that are eye-catchy and yet does not fail in delivering the right amount of information to the parents. So, here are 12 such free summer camp flyers that you will surely find attractive and easy to use.

1. Word Summer Camp Flyer 

With a myriad of colors, the template features a ball, sunglasses and some shells on sand along with a vast blue sky filled with white clouds.


free smmer camp flyer1

2.  Popular Summer Camp Flyer 

With more than 2000 downloads, the green word flyer features a person camping under the sun at a picturesque location.


free smmer camp flyer2

3. PSD Summer Soccer Camp Flyer

The attractive flyer features a boy holding a football on a blue backdrop with loads of wrapped  items, balloons, a drum and a multicolored  ball.



free smmer camp flyer3

4.   Summer Dance Camp Flyer  

The PDF template feature two images of a group of  teenagers posing for the camera and illustrations of dancers in the background on a white background.


summer camp flyer

5. Cricket Club Summer Camp Flyer 

The template is designed elegantly with columns of green and white to build a good contrast. The header is in bright red in capital letters.


free smmer camp flyer5

6. Summer Horse Camp Flyer 

The word flyer is a no fuss one with just the intended information about the camp in text and two images of horses on a pristine white background.


free smmer camp flyer6


7.  Muti-colored PDF Summer Camp Flyer

If you are looking for a colorful flyer, choose the PDF flyer with multicolored text boxes in two columns and text in black with ample white space.





free smmer camp flyer7

8. Summer Tennis Camp Flyer 

The word flyer only feature text in black about camp details and an image of tennis racket as well as a yellow ball to convey it as a specific tennis camp flyer.


free smmer camp flyer8

9.  Chinese Culture Summer Camp 

With a blue narrow border all around, the white PDF template has three images in a row at the bottom and a well-positioned logo in the left.


free smmer camp flyer9

10.  Soccer City Summer Camp

With a little dash of green, the white PDF flyer looks awesome as a soccer city summer camp and feature ample text space to giveaway the necessary information.


free smmer camp flyer10

11. Summer Fun and Sports Camp

The PDF template features multiple colored circles of diverse sizes, some containing images of kids engaged in sports activities and yes, adequate white space for the text.


free smmer camp flyer11

12.  Summer Advantage Camp Flyer

The flyer feature a  two column design with multiple images with text in one column and solely text in the another column on a white background.


free smmer camp flyer12


All of these summer camp flyers are absolutely free to download and you can customize these as per your wish as these are mainly in either doc or PDF format. The one with PSD format can be edited with Adobe Photoshop software easily. As these flyers are meant to inform the parents about the specific activities and programs to be conducted in the camp, these flyers are generally heavy on the text front.