15 Free Yard Sale Flyers Of Great Help

Have you ever opted to sell your unused or already used stuff for a yard sale?  If not then definitely, you can go for it as you do not need any business license or to pay any amount of sales tax for this purpose. A Yard Sale in most probability is arranged in a garage and hence are also known as a garage sale. You need flyers or signs to direct passersby towards your garage so that they can come and buy the stuff that is displayed by you for sale. Here, we are bringing for you a collection of 15 free yard sale flyers that you can put for your use just by a little customization.

1. Printable PDF Yard Sale Flyer 

The flyer template features a lush green lawn with a white fence and vast blue sky on which text  is in black. There is also a dash of bright red to make it an eye-catching one.




free yard sale1flyer2. Garage Sale Flyer 

With an illustration of a garage with a ‘For Sale’ sign in the front. The flyer has text in bright colors like red, yellow, and also feature a sun as well as clouds on a blue sky.

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free yard sale 2 flyer

3. Power point Garage Sale Flyer 

The ppt template has multi-colored balloons and a dash of light blue over a white background with text in dark black and yes it has tear off tabs also.

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free yard sale3 flyer4. Word Garage Sale Flyer 

With more than 8,000 downloads, the flyer template is a popular one  with a narrow orange border, an illustration of a fully-packed garage with used goods on a white pristine base.


free yard sale4 flyer

5.  Garage Sale Flyer In Word 

The simple yet popular flyer feature a house roof and heading in navy blue and rest of the information regarding the sale in orange.


free yard sale5 flyer6. Black & White Yard Sale Flyer 

The awesome flyer template features a garage with some used or unwanted stuff and ‘Garage Sale’ on the roof in bright red. Add your venue details in red and make it a head turner!



free yard sale flyer



7. Bright Giant Yard Sale Flyer 

With colored balloons of red, green and blue, the flyer is an eye-catching one with white , yellow and green colored text boxes.


free yard sale7 flyer

8. Garage Sale Flyer In Powerpoint 

The flyer feature all most every used stuff like a pair of sleepers, a ball, a shoe, a CD case and some other things around an illustration with ‘garage sale ‘ written over it.



free yard sale8 flyer

9. Yard Sale Fundraiser Flyer 

The beautiful flyer has an image of a lawn with a bush on the left hand side and a cluster of white fluffy clouds in the blue sky over the lush greenaries.



Yard sale flyer

10.  Giant Yard Sale Flyer

The giant yard sale flyer is also giant in size. The blue template has a white border and white text boxes in a scattered manner for the text.


free yard sale10 flyer11. Community Yard Sale Flyer

The elegant flyer has the heading in red and illustration of stuff on sale at the bottom on a white background with a yard sale sign.


free yard sale11 flyer

12. Annual Yard Sale 

If you want a flyer not for people to buy your stuff but to encourage people to bring their unused stuff to a place so that yard sale can be conducted, the annual flyer is the perfect one.


free yard sale12 flyer


13. Neighborhood Yard Sale

The flyer feature a green law on which text is in bright red and white as well as a white fence and a blue sky with bright yellow text.


free yard sale13 flyer 14. Yard Sale Vendor Flyer 

The PDF flyer is pretty elegant with use of multiple colors like bright green, red and black over a pristine white background as well as a related image.

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free yard sale14 flyer

15. Pink Garage Sale Flyer

The bright pink colored flyer has a white oval shape with black text and some green colored diverse shape circles all over the flyer.



free yard sale15 flyer

We are sure, the yard sale flyers included in the above list will be loved by you and will solve your problem of designing a flyer for advertisement of your sale event.  You just need to customize a bit and your perfect flyer will get ready within no time. If you have ever come across some more other free yard sale flyers, don’t forget to put their links in the comment section as our endeavour is to bring the best free flyers for you at no cost.