The template focuses on the topic of gardens, which can be defined as outdoor space for the cultivation of plants and flowers, and can be natural and man-made.

Free-Nature-Powerpoint-Template 509 a

Free-Nature-Powerpoint-Template 509

 Gardens are made use of for recreation purposes such as for the ornamental display outside the house and as well for growing food crops such as seasonal vegetables. Gardens can also be designed with additional beautification such as fountains and ponds, pebbles, etc. Some types of gardens are botanical gardens, green gardens, community gardens, flower gardens, herb gardens, orchards, vineyards, vegetable gardens, fernery, etc. They can be in styles such as Zen, tropical, wild, water, etc and even based on various countries’ styles such as Persian style, Dutch style, French style, etc. This free nature PowerPoint template has the design of a suburban house, with a variety of plants and trees in different colors surrounding it, maintained as a garden. The PowerPoint can be used on the websites of botanical garden and community garden websites about the types of plants and flowers in the space, and visitor timings. It can also be used by gardening aficionados on their blogs for gardening tips.

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