It is a branch of science with predominant roots in biology, focusing on the study of heredity and genealogy in living beings. In medical genetics, the link between genetics and human health is studied in-depth and is also used for curing possible diseases such as cancer.


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 Study of genetics is done through procedures such as genomics and DNA sequencing. The free medical PowerPoint template has the image clip of a doctor in a white laboratory coat, set against the blue backdrop of molecular structures linked to genetics. The free medical PowerPoint can be used by medical experts in genetics while presenting seminars at medical universities while addressing topics related to origin of genetics, genetic disorders, and genetic programming. Students studying at high school levels can do interesting presentations with this free template on DNA, genetics in influencing our physical looks and so on. Researchers in medical science field can use the template while presenting dissertation papers on related topics such as genetic engineering and evolution.

You can do free Medical PowerPoint template download from below location:

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