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A gospel is an interpretation that recounts the life, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The most well known examples are the four canonical gospels of John, Luke, Mark, and Matthew.

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But other types of gospels that are also encompassed under the term include apocryphal gospels, Gnostic gospels, Jewish-Christian gospels and non-canonical gospels. The religion of Christianity places much importance on the canonical gospels, which is a strong foundation of its belief system and considers to be words of God, and traditionally considers it to be an accurate account of the life of Jesus. This free Gospels PowerPoint Template can also be downloaded for presenting a verse or quote of the day from the Bible in churches, as an innovative way to encourage the habit of praying daily and also using the mode of technology as a tool to encourage people. The free template can be used at ministry projection systems and communion meditations and for Christian church websites as well.

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