It is the organisation responsible for the development of a nation and the protection of its citizens through the establishment of other bodies under it for vigilance and security purposes.



A government has departments for overseeing external affairs with other world governments, its own home affairs, finance, information and technology, law, etc. A government is broadly said to consist of administrators, arbitrators and legislators for the governance of the country or nation. The types of world governments are categorised as democracy, monarchy, oligarchy, anarchy, republic and authoritarianism. The free law and government PowerPoint template has the design of a hand holding a sword in between a balancing scale vector, set against a white and orange ombre-style background. The PowerPoint can be used by education websites to talk about the duties and systems of governance across the world. During eves like Martyr Day, Republic Day and Independence Day in India; the government can screen the slideshow in public forums with the government logo emblazoned in the slides. Law and political studies’ students can use the template for seminars and online project assignments on governance.

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