20 Grand Opening Flyer Templates Free

If you are planning to open a new shop or a new restaurant or may be something else, you can grab best attention by distributing grand opening flyers. Such flyers are usually colorful and do the promotions quite well by their attractive design and text. Here, we are presenting a collection of 20 engaging grand opening flyer templates for free that you can download and edit as per your requirement to serve your purpose.

Grand Opening Invitation Flyer (Word)

The template is a nice one about the grand opening of a shop. It features a pair of shopping bags in contrasting red and green colors. The grand opening background is light colored one on which the text details in red are quite stunning. There is also a nice flowery graphics to the left-bottom to accentuate the beauty of the elegant flyer.



Nightclub Grand Opening Flyer (PSD)

When you are going to open a bar or a nightclub, there can be no other flyer that could grab the eyeballs like the below one in black featuring an image of a woman holding a glass of wine. The backdrop image of a city with tall buildings and the yellow aura around the image makes this an interesting one. The fonts are in white in bold and large size.



Restaurant Grand Opening Flyer Template Free (PSD)

Bottle of whiskey on an interesting background is the soul of the below flyer template. It is obviously about the promotion of the grand opening of a restaurant and the color combination of white, yellow and black have made this flyer even more appealing.



Restaurant Grand Opening Flyer Ideas (PSD)

This printable grand opening flyer features a pair of beer bottles and some lemons with leaves on a light blue background at one corner to the right. There is also a large text box in brown to the right below the image of beer bottles and brown colored footer. The text is in brown and white color to build the right contrast.



Grand Opening Business Flyer (PSD)

Decorative motifs on the four corners of the grand opening flyer of an exhibition look captivating to anyone having an eye for art. The subtle color scheme further added to its charm. It has text in gray.



Grand Opening Flyer Template Examples

The flyer has an interesting color scheme of bright purple and golden yellow that makes it quite a sophisticated one. The text is in yellow and white.



Business Grand Opening Flyer Template (word)

If you are opening a flower shop, try the doc flyer with an image of beautiful flowers in multiple colors. While the header and footer are in blue,   the rest of the flyer offers text space and a dedicated space for your business logo.



Grand Opening Club Flyer Template (PSD)

The light peach colored flyer template is like a breeze amidst templates with bright colors and exotic fonts.  The template features a large maple leaf to the left and a triangle in the right. The header in bright orange and some text details in white brilliantly build the right color contrast.



Grand Opening Party Flyer Templates (PSD)

The combination of sky blue and bright yellow is always an endearing one. The flyer is best for a grand opening party and has its text in white and black.




Store Grand Opening Flyer Template (PSD)

The flyer is ideal for the grand opening of a restaurant or fast food joint with a large image of a pizza on a white background. While the text is in green, purple and yellow, the flyer also has plenty of attractive colors to grab all eyeballs.



Best Grand Opening Flyer (PPT)

Whether you are planning to open an art exhibition or something related to colors, the below one with a splash of green, yellow, red and purple on a white background is surely going to make a bold statement.



Example of a Grand Opening Flyer (PPT)

The grey colored flyer is a sophisticated one with all text in contrasting white and a small red banner with text. There is also a tint of blue and yellow to the right, which makes this flyer an eye-pleasant one.



Grand Opening Event Flyer Template (word)

The flyer design looks more like a scroll of parched paper used in ancient time to announce any notable event or news. The text is in black on a crème colored background. The flyer looks elegant for the grand opening of a salon and is easy to customize for any other promotion too.



Grand Opening Flyer Images

The flyer template has an extremely interesting image to the right and majority of text to the left on a pristine white background.



Grand Opening Sale Flyer (PPT)

The light brown flyer template is sophisticated and quite a simple one with an image at the center and text all around the same in black.



Real Estate Grand Opening Flyer PSD

The flyer seems fit for the grand opening of a real estate business with an image of a LED television and loads of colorful balloons coming out of the same. It also features a bright yellow footer with desirable text in magenta and black.



Grand Opening Bakery Flyer (PSD)

The image of the wall light panel in the background and the bright yellow header makes it clear that the flyer is an appropriate for promoting the grand opening of your disco club. It also has a dedicated text space at the bottom on which you can include the text in white.



Grand Opening Flyer PSD Free

The flyer is dazzling one with bright starts on a blue background. The wide white banner at the top has adequate text space and is ideal during the grand opening of a nightclub.



Fundraiser Grand Opening Flyer

Even for a fundraising event, flyer is now desirable. The below one in ocean blue has three columns of text space at the bottom and a white footer. There is also a white header banner and a large white circle in which there is an interesting graphic.



Grand Re-Opening Flyer Template

Whenever there is something new to happen, best way to celebrate is with balloons. The flyer template has a blue background on which a bunch of multi-colored balloons of various shapes and plenty of white stars are making it really a treat to the eyes of everyone. There is a text space too at the bottom in white with blue text.



We hope, you have loved our collection of grand opening flyers of various types. All the flyers are editable to serve your need as per your specific event or opening of a new office, shop or any event. All you need is to select the one that is catching your attention and downloading the same. Please spare a moment to express your views in the comment section below.