Heart beat PowerPoint Template


It is an essential indicator of the proper functioning of the heart, and signifies the cardiac cycle of the organ.


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A heart beat functions in a manner where the muscles of the heart contract and the flowing of blood through it, heard through a ‘lub dub’ sounds and measured by pulse rate. Heart beats, also known as heart sounds can be measured via electronic stethoscopes and recorded to listen to in technological devices such as mp3 or laptop computers. The free cardiology PowerPoint template features a black heart against a white background, with a line indicating the heart beat. The design is simple and straight, much like the function of the heart beat. The template can be used for health seminars across the world, where students and experts alike can use the PowerPoint to present their views on heart sounds. It can also be downloaded for use at hospitals, to give lecture with demonstration to trainee doctors and nurses about the problems that are associated with heart sounds such as heart murmurs and other abnormalities. It can also be used in fitness classes, particularly aerobics and other cardiac-focuses exercises, to present to fitness instructors the relation between heartbeat and performing strenuous physical activities.

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