A serious heart complication, heart block is an ailment which occurs in the electrical system of the organ, and the heart’s beats and rhythm is abnormally slow.



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It is of two types- congenital, where an individual is born with the disease and acquired, where an individual is diagnosed with the disease due to his lifestyle which is likely to be sedentary. Heart block’s symptoms include fainting, fatigue, palpitations and light-headedness, and the medical device called pacemaker is used to treat the ailment. The free cardiology PowerPoint template has the picture of a heart with a stethoscope on it, and a low heart rate behind it, and the inner slides have the picture of a person meditating. The template can be downloaded by health and medical websites, as well as colleges and institutes to put it up online for students to study for their examination purposes. Visiting faculties from hospitals can also download the PowerPoint for presentation as guest lecturers at seminars for medical college students, as well as in health talk shows for the general public, with tips on how to keep the disease at bay with a healthy lifestyle.

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