Also known as cardiovascular diseases, these are illnesses that affect the heart and/or its blood vessels which are the veins, capillaries and arteries.


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They also affect vascular organs of the body such as the brain and kidney, and have a number of causes- with hypertension being the most common one. Some heart diseases are rheumatic heart disease, inflammatory heart disease, etc. The free cardiology PowerPoint template has the image clip of a man clutching his chest, with a diagram of the heart etched outside against a black and blue background, conveying a serious and sombre theme. The template can be downloaded for use at hospitals, for pre-med students and trainee doctors to explain the more complex part of the studies including new symptoms and treatment methods. It can also be used for presentation purposes by social/medical NGOs at schools and at rural areas as well, with image clips of how the heart is affected when bad habits like smoking and alcoholism are taken up and the types of heart diseases, and how to prevent them. It can be used for online cardiology exams and assessment in medical schools and colleges, with students asked to present a seminar using this template.

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