Holistic health PowerPoint Template


It is a classification of alternative medicine that focuses on holistic health approach involving the social, psychological and physical needs of a person and not just curing the disease alone.



It is also known as integrative medicine as sometimes; doctors integrate mainstream medicine with natural/alternative medicine for treatment with therapies such as metabolic therapy. This free medical PowerPoint template has the symbol of caduceus in white, set against a dark red background. The free medical PowerPoint can be downloaded by holistic health practitioners and institutions offering the service on their websites, with packages and fees along with the type of treatments in the slides. Alternative medicine practitioners can present a seminar at career fairs and schools to talk about its philosophy and taking it up as a career option. Centres offering yoga and meditation courses which form a part of holistic health can also put up the slideshow on their website with venue and fee details.

You can do free Medical PowerPoint template download from below location:

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