Indesign Brochure Templates: 20 Templates to Promote your Business


Most of you desire to become an entrepreneur and be your boss. Still, you have so many worries regarding what business, how to get funding, will it take off, etc. With the entire struggle in mind you start, and now another challenge is to market your business. With the advancement in technology you cannot stop giving bit notice about your business and publish free ads, but you must print brochures online and attract many people. Social media forums will not let you down in promoting your business.

So how to design brochures is your next question. I have a quick answer, and it is Indesign brochures which you can create using Adobe Indesign. I can understand your concern that you are not a high techie. Worries Apart, I will give you free InDesign brochure design templates.

The very purpose of giving these templates is to save your time and still feel great about the elegant design to market your business. All you need to do it to download and edit configuration and get them ready in no time.

Booklet Flyer Brochure

Benefits Of Using Free Indesign Brochure Design Templates

  1. You can use the readymade templates and save your time.
  2. It is natural as different varieties to pitch your business in many dimensions.
  3. Also, can make them unique by editing and adding your company details, logo, text, and even modify the design. In one word it is CUSTOMIZABLE.
  4. It is free and no tension about budgeting.
  5. Understand how a professional brochure should look like to make new as your business grows.

Brochure Template psd2

Corporate Bi-fold Brochure

Free Indesign Brochure Design Templates

About In Design

It is the product of Adobe Systems and used as a desktop publishing program which helps in designing books, flyers, brochures, newspapers, and magazines. Get inspired by free InDesign templates and also learn how to download, edit, and create the following indesign brochures.

  1. Tri-FoldBrochure Template
  2. Bi-FoldBrochure Template
  3. Z Fold Brochure Template
  4. 4 Panel Brochure Template

Know how the four templates differ from each other. Where they can be used and some useful tips.


Corporate Flyer Brochure Two


Z Fold Brochure Template Indesign

Z fold brochure is also identified in different names including zig-zag fold or fan fold.

Dimensions in which They are folded are as follows

  • 5” x 14.”
  • 5” x 11.”
  • 11” x 5.”
  • 11” x ”

Fold the paper two times and arrive at the shape of alphabet Z. Hence it got that name.

Z Fold Panels and Pages – Brochure Indesign

PANEL is defined as the two-sided section when the brochure is printed and ready for circulation. The Z fold has three panels.

PAGE mean the side of the brochure panel. There are six pages in the  Z fold brochure.

You must know that the zig-zag brochures will have outside left panel folded to its left and the inside right is wrapped to the left and becomes the cover for the catalog.

Word of caution, at the time of setting up the  Z fold brochure using InDesign file make sure you incorporate the images and texts in the safe zone so that they don’t get lost while cutting the templates.

Corporate Trifold Brochure

Indesign Tri Fold Brochure Template

A tri-fold brochure helps in the RENTAL AND THE PROPERTY BUSINESS. The templates given in this section includes the layout that is ready to be used, and you can only insert the image and text and get going. Be happy that you can remove any content from the template and plugin per your wish.

Tri-fold is the standard format and as the name implies it can be folded into three and a professional brochure. You can add both visual content and information on it and arrange quickly to start your real estate business.

Free Indesign Brochure Template

Know Some Precautions to Be Taken To Create the Best Brochure

Design Tool

Indesign tool is offered by Adobe and equal to an open source tool, allowing you to make editing easy. Other design tools include the QuarkXPress, Scribus, Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, and the Microsoft Word.

Setting Up a Tri-Fold Brochure

When you plan to generate a large number of copies, then it is wise to download and template and customize. It will eat your entire time when you think of doing it from scratch. The choice is yours, and this is just a suggestion.

Get more information on few more tips and precautions to be taken from:

Fun Play School Brochure

Document Setting

Launch Adobe Indesign on your PC and create a document new with the tri-fold dimensions matching your need.

And the question lingering in your mind is, what size and how to decide. I will throw light on it.

  • 5 by 11 inch is the usual dimension.
  • 5 by 14 can be used for legal purposes.
  • 11 by 17 is called as tabloid size.
  • 11 by 25.5 is used when you have many details to be shared using your brochure.

After launching the software, you can enter the size as per your need. It is width followed by height. When I say 8.5 X 11, then 8.5 inch is the width, and 11 is the height.

A4 Folded Leaflet Template

Precise Dimension

You must exercise caution and divide the available space into three panels based on the dimension you choose. For a better understanding, you can split it into three identical panels.

But for those more specific projects, you can calculate the extra space needed for each panel and divide accordingly to let them be folded subsequently. Sound’s confusing? No, I will keep it simple for this example. Let’s say you want an 8.5 X 11-inch brochure; you have to keep your inside panel width of 3.625 and the external panels as to 3.6875 inches respectively.

Likewise for others

  • 5 X 14 – Inside 4.625 and Outside 4.6875 each.
  • 11 X 17 – Interior 5.625 with outside measuring 5.6875.
  • 11 X 25.5 – 8.375 inside and 8.5625 for the two external

A4 Folded Landscape Template

Graphic Design Brochure Template

Bleed Specification

What is a bleed? For designing the entire area, you must go one step extra and use a paper slightly more significant than the standard. That extra space is called as the bleed. This will help you to design in such a way that there are no visible blank areas seen after printing the brochure.

You can remember 1/8th is the size of the bleed that is for each border has a bleed of 0.125. Before printing, you must check if the printer will allow bleed, then specify the setting at the time of creating the design.

Green Swirls tri-fold Brochure

Indesign Brochure Template

Safe Zone

Ensure placing the required information and image well inside the space and do not get them to the edge as it might be cut or hidden while folding. The safe zone is the area that will be prominent in the brochure. In other words, it is the central area.

Trust, now you feel better and you can start doing it as only after that you will get the confidence. Follow the guidelines to make things easy.


Investment Firm Brochure

Modern Brochure Free Vector


Multipurpose Corporate Brochure

Pets Brochure Template

4 Panel Brochure Template Indesign

The standard dimension of a 4 Panel Brochure is 14 X 8.5 inch and when the bleed is included size will increase by .25 inches on both the width and the height.

Safe Guide as mentioned already is the safe area in which the content or the image won’t get lost even after trimming, and the safe zone mantra is a 1/8th inch away from the trim line.

Trim Edge is the last outcome obtained after printing the brochure. Make the best use of the InDesign templates available on this page for all your business purposes.

Now, let me tell you how to edit the template.

Pratt Brochure Template

Bi-Fold Brochure Template Indesign

Now, the bi-fold brochure will be more straightforward than a tri-fold as it has only two folding. You can quickly design them as well. But why waste time when you have so many templates available here for free.

You have read the steps in making a tri-fold, and you have now mastered the steps. All you can do it merely edit the bi-fold templates given here by adding or removing contents per your requirement.

Print them once you’re done with the customization.

But there is a catch and ask me what? Yes, you need to know the basic dimensions and where you can use bi-fold to start downloading them quickly.

  • 11 X 17 for more content brochure
  • 5 X 8.5 is the usual size

However, remember to go in the horizontal orientation and 300 PPI as the resolution.

Use bleeds and guides appropriate to your brochure size.

psd Brochure Mockup

Bi-Fold Brochures Can Be Used In One Or Any Of The Following Industries

  • Medical
  • Restaurants
  • University Prospectus
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Event Management
  • Corporate

Travel Brochure

How To Download and Edit The Templates Using Adobe Indesign

It is quite easy to make changes and modification from the any given In Design Brochure Templates based on your details. You can add or remove content, image, graphics, logo, and text.

Save the templates after editing in a CS4 format that will let you open it in the In Design CS4 later.

Trifold Brochure Template

And now the steps involved in editing

For all the background images and texts on the Master page, first, you must unlock them and edit directly on the Master Page.

Step1: Master Page

Click Master Page by finding it on the top of the Pages Palette. So you can make the change on the Master page, and that will reflect in the entire brochure.

Step 2: Associated Pages

For unlocking the master page stuff associated with a different page, you must choose the page palette and select the “Override all Master Page Items” from the Pages flyout menu.

You can now make changes in individual pages.

These templates can be DOWNLOADED by clicking on the same, and you must follow the linked page where you need to register with your email id for free and get the templates mailed.


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