Established in 1860, it is India’s supreme legal authority on crime law. The code of criminal law provides acts and laws for types of criminal offences and the punishments for those guilty of committing these crimes.



 IPC has 23 charters addressing crimes such as offences against property, human beings, documents, marriage, identity theft, unlawful public servants, etc. As of current times, the IPC was in news for Section 377 that addresses homosexuality laws dealing with sexual orientation and reforms were proposed for actualisation in the code. The free law PowerPoint template has been designed keeping the code of criminal law in mind, and features a pair of handcuffed hands of a criminal with a court judge’s gravel against a white background. The template can be used by crime education and law education websites in India for presenting popular laws and their controversies. The PowerPoint can also be downloaded by criminal law students for their seminar or dissertation on the effectiveness of the IPC in controlling the crime wave in India.

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