It is a non-surgical medical process wherein a clean needle and a syringe filled with medicinal liquid is inserted into the flesh for immunization and to prevent the growth of infection inside and outside the body.    Free-Medical-Powerpoint-Template129


It is usually administered for cases such as sudden fall while travelling, viral fevers, and even for serious medical conditions like diabetes where insulin is required to be injected on a daily basis into the body. The free medical PowerPoint template has the design of a light pink background with the images of an injection, a bottle of medicinal liquid and a stethoscope inset. The template can be used for medical seminars on cleanliness while using hypodermic needles, and sanitation procedures to be followed during medical administration. It can also be used by sterilized medical instrument manufacturers as an online catalogue for selling their wares along with their images and price ranges. Nurse training institutes can use the slideshow while making a presentation on topics such as intramuscular injections, and how to use the injection carefully.

You can do free Medical PowerPoint template download from below location:

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