The template features a very vibrant cover slide dedicated to jellyfishes, very exotic looking sea creatures that are often mistakenly classified as fishes.


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These soft-bodied creatures belong to the family of cnidarians, and some of them are said to be phosphorescent and glow in the dark depths of the ocean. They are found in the saltiest parts of the sea, and have a bell-shaped body with long tentacles with venom, injected to protect themselves from falling prey. They are made up of 97% of water, and move in the ocean by contraction of their bodies and drifting with the water current. They are classified as cubozoa (box jellyfish), hydrozoa (hydroids), scyphozoa (true jellyfish) and staurozoa (stalked jellyfish). This free underwater PowerPoint template has been designed in an attractive and vibrant manner, with the picture of a pink jellyfish suspended in the blue ocean with glowing tentacles. The template can be used by marine biologists during classes on ocean life and oceanography, with video clips of the behaviour of a jellyfish and its habitat embedded in the slide. It can also be used by marine conservation websites with statistics regarding the current population of jellyfish.

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