It is the court system that consists of a set of courts responsible for the application of law in solving disputes and cases of personal, national and international relevance.



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It is not responsible for the enforcement of law, rather only application of the facts and interpreting cases in accordance with the laws in records of the Constitution. In India, the hierarchy of the judicial system is in the order of the Supreme Court of India, followed by High Courts of the states, District Court, Magistrate courts, Tahsildars and the Panchayats in villages. This free judiciary PowerPoint template has a blue and gold colored theme with a picture of the weighing scales of Lady Justice, as seen in all courtrooms and courthouses that signify its principles of objectivity and equality in the eyes of law. The PowerPoint can be used by government websites for information about the various topics under the judicial system, and for breaking news related to new court laws and amendments to previous acts. Professors can use the template for law classes and seminars, with the hierarchy of courts and other information in the slides. It can also be used for discussions on topics such as judicial activism.

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