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It is a popular and fun form of entertainment relying on music with Japanese origin. The individuals taking part in karaoke sessions are required to sing along to an instrumental music background score. Karaoke parties are held during occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or normal house parties to entertain guests. This Karaoke PowerPoint Template¬†features an orange backdrop with two sets of speakers and a mike, the instruments involved in karaoke singing. This free music PowerPoint template can be used during karaoke parties with running lyrics in the slides, and instrumental music score as an audio or video clip with groovy graphics and animations. Online karaoke websites can use the presentation to list details of hiring karaoke video equipment’s, and how to use them with pricing details. Music companies wishing to attract sponsors and potential advertisers and investors can do the same through hosting karaoke contests with details on large screens at the public venues. A study on history of karaoke and its production methods can also be used as an academic topic with slideshow presentations in music schools.

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