Fitness and staying active can help in keeping the body as well as the heart in shape and fit, and 30 minutes of exercise a day is more than enough to do so.


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It helps in reducing the chances of a heart stroke, high blood pressure, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Food and lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, consuming minimum amount of alcohol can go a long way in keeping the heart fit as well. The free cardiology PowerPoint template features a man indulging in the exercise of running, a popular form of cardiovascular exercises that raises the heart beat and keeps the blood circulation flowing properly. It is set against a blue background, with a red pulse rate signifying steady blood pumping. The template can be used as a presentation at fitness classes, where instructors can tell their students how exercises such as brisk walking, running, yoga, etc keep the heart healthy. It can be used as a part of physical training curriculum in sports schools and colleges, with the template being used as a tool of assessment and assignments.

You can do free Cardiology PowerPoint template download from below location:

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