It is the set of acts and rules that acts as a mediator between the government, trade union, employers and the employees/labourers.




Also referred to as employment law, it sets acceptable rights that can be exercised by labourers such as minimum wage, number of working hours, health and safety, etc. International labour laws are governed by the World Trade Organization, European Union and International Labour Organization. In India, labour laws come under the purview of both state and Central governments. This free PowerPoint template has the picture of a common labourer cycling across a golden desert with the flag of India and the Indian emblem behind him, setting the theme of labour law. The PowerPoint can be used by social NGOs in affiliation with government while travelling to urban and rural areas to talk about their working rights. The presentation can be carried out in the vernacular language with heavy use of pictures to convey their information to illiterate labourers. During public awareness rallies and campaigns for the protection of labourers’ rights, the presentation can be used for large scale screening across theatres.

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