Lady Justice, the Roman Goddess of Justice is the representation of morality in judicial law.



Found in most courthouses and courtrooms, she is personified with a set of balancing scales in her right hand and a blindfold representing objectivity, weighing both the sides of a law related case. The free law and justice PowerPoint template has the picture of Lady Justice holding a set of balancing scales in equal par and set against a white background, representing objectivity and impartiality. The template can be used by professors during law classes or seminars while talking about judiciary law and courtroom ethics and principles. During spot essay competitions, the PowerPoint can be projected with a picture of Lady Justice as a clue to the essay topic. They can be used during legal presentations or proceedings, and used in websites related to law for topics like courts and justice. The slideshow can additionally contain animation effects like the moving of the vector scale plates, and animated text when using the presentation for kids’ projects on law.

You can do free Legal PowerPoint template download from below location:

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