The template talks about lakes, a body of water that is of varying size across the world and located within a body of land.

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Free-Nature-Powerpoint-Template 508


It does not flow like a river, and are larger than ponds. Rivers flow into and out of lakes, and are not connected to any seas. Lakes can be of freshwater classification where the water is still and unsalted and found in low-lying areas, artificial or man-made for purposes of hydro-electricity, recreation and irrigational use and are called reservoirs, salt lakes which are formed when the water evaporates and the soil around the lake has a very high saline concentration, rift lakes which are formed due to geographical faults in the Earth’s tectonic plates, crater lakes formed in the crater of an inactive volcano, meromictic lake where the layers of river water do not mix, and many other types. This free nature PowerPoint template has a very calming design, and features a blue colored lake surrounded by green pasture of land and some plants growing nearby. The PowerPoint can be used by school students for science classes or projects on the types of lakes. It can also be used on education websites for information on the famous lakes in the world and can also be used by lake conservation organisation websites.

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