10 Free Landscaping Invoice Templates [Professional Designs]

Are you into landscaping business ? And do you want landscaping invoice templates or lawn care invoice templates designed in a professional way? You are in right place.

Let’s agree – Landscaping business thrives based on the professional outlook of the firm and on the quality service. Invoicing your customers the right way is crucial part of the business.

Free Landscaping Invoice Templates

We got you covered – we have compiled professionally designed invoice templates that are suitable for your landscaping, lawn care service business. Feel free to download landscape invoice template from us and customize per your need.

Landscaping Invoice Template 1


Landscaping Invoice Template 2


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Use these steps to create your landscaping invoice (in a professional way)

Basic landscaping template consists of details regarding the service provider, client, services attained, installation details, descriptions, labor charges, plant cost, tax details, payment terms, disclaimer, terms, and conditions.

Step 1: Contact details

Append the name, address, contact details of the service provider at the top of the invoice along with the date and invoice number. Write the customer details including name, address, and contact details of the client who is looking for your service.

Cost and service details

Column-wise mention all the details regarding the service provided.  Give the details regarding cost. Landscape cost per sq ft, labor charge, plant cost etc. Show the subtotal at the end of the column. Then include tax and make the total amount.

Landscaping Invoice Template 3


Landscaping Invoice Template 4



Add your terms after the total like the last date for payment, your start date, and service dates, part payment details etc.

Payment Mode

Make it in writing clearly regarding the mode of payment. Give details regarding bank account for wire transfer, payee details for cheque payment, PayPal account number etc. Charges included in the different mode of payment.

Thank you note

Thank them for accepting your service.

Seal and Signature

Use your company seal and sign the document as the last part of the invoice.

Landscaping Invoice Template 5


Landscaping Invoice Template 6


Landscaping Invoice Template 7


Key Terms and Conditions (T&C) That Your Should Include in Your Invoice

Every invoice must have a well defined T&C section as an enclosure. T&C are mandatory to be mentioned to avoid any confusion related to the service you offer and the payment from the client. We have listed all possible T&C for landscaping services to be personalized in length. Under every point, we have described the need for each point.

Services Offered

Landscaping services involve working in many stages. Clearly, point out the services that will be covered under your offer. Every stage might also require changes. Plan out a way in your T&C of how these changes are included. Reserve the rights to decide on the services to be offered for such changes. Based on your decision include the charges and keep your client informed about the same.

Landscaping Invoice Template 8



Draw the timelines very clearly. Let your customers be aware of the start date, end date, and duration of the work. Wherever possible, list down all stages of work in detail.

Payment Mode and Terms

Mode of payment must be discussed and documented correctly. Let them know regarding the stages of payment. How many invoices will be submitted by you? What is the timeline to pay for each invoice? What actions will be taken by you if stage payments are not received on time? Also define properly regarding the materials payment. Whether you will buy and invoice your client or they will buy and handle payment separately.

Landscaping Invoice Template 9


Service cancellation by either party

As already mentioned landscaping services is a time-consuming process. It is required to mention clearly about the cancellation timelines and charges. Need to make it clear between work canceled by the service provider or the client. Give the notice period for different circumstances on canceling the service.

Landscaping Invoice Template 10


Client responsibility and assurance

Landscaping work has to be carried out on the client’s land. It is required to have a supporting environment for your employees to execute the work in their land. Ask them to provide you rights to access the land and other amenities for completing your work without any hindrance. If any government approval is required then make sure to have them in place. They must give assurance to provide water and electricity. The land must be free from any disasters.


Landscaping work may include some risk and damage to your client’s property. Elaborately write down to make your client understand the same. Mention all your limitations. Let them not make you liable at the end due to their ignorance. Failing to follow post landscaping instruction may not yield desired results from the landscaping work. Educate your customer that the landscaper is not responsible for the same.

Website Usage

In case your company uses a website, write the website usage terms. In the terms state your patent and intellectual asset rights and set out acceptable and banned users of your website. This is applicable for all users of your website including the competitors.

Privacy Policy

When there is a need to collect personal information of your client during your services which cannot be avoided. Make sure to have a Privacy Policy in place. The Privacy Policy must be customized for different clients. Clearly, mention your rights in using their information and give them assurance that you won’t misuse their details under any situation.

Unnecessary terms

DO NOT be very specific in preserving your needs while you write the T&C. Make it a balanced one. DO NOT make it centric. Although business is run for profit, never make the client feel that you are least bothered about them and their property. Avoid using very harsh wordings in your T&C. Be firm but DO NOT hurt.

Dates to Remember

Landscaping work involves few days or months to complete the task. Also, it is required to provide some maintenance or enhancement which is part of the service after few days from the completion of the work. Hence re-contacting date is very important to be mentioned in your invoice. This will enable the client to be aware that you will visit them again and it will also be a reminder to you.

Post Landscaping Instruction

  • Taking care of the landscaped area is required for proper germination. Even if you have carried out landscaping for lawn work still, maintenance is required for effective landscaping results.
  • First and foremost instruction is about watering the lawn after landscaping. Instruct the client to have the hose set up ready to schedule watering. For hydro seeded lawns waiting up to 24 hrs is required. Then regular watering is mandatory until the germination happens and reaches 3 inches height.
  • Lawn Mowing should be done after the lawn grows beyond 3 Allow it dry for a maximum of 48 hours before mowing.
  • Then an application of manure is required. After mowing start watering regularly. Initially water 3 times a day. Then make it once a day. Again wait for mowing the second time. Repeat this mowing and watering process continuously.
  • A lot of other healthy practices including irrigation, keeping lawn free from insects, recycling grass crippling etc are all suggested.

Non- recurring Vs Recurring Garden maintenance

There are clients who prefer one-time landscaping service. There are few who also look for recurring services.

While recurring services is considered to be a boon over one-time service, it is important to schedule dates properly to survive in the competitive business.

Income may be continuous in recurring service but one needs to work hard to earn the credibility.

Also, payment might be held by the customer if you opt for recurring service as they may wait for the results of your previous service.

Whether it is recurring or one time, please make sure you have all your T&C in place with respect to payment so that you don’t run your business in loss and client also benefits from your service.

If you are small player start with one-time service and slowly expand into the recurring model.

Customize and Print Invoice templates

Although this article has explained about various ways to create an invoice, it is required to customize per your need. It has also given insight into what are all the details to be included in the T&C and post service instructions. It is up to every individual to personalize the template per their need.

Select the template you require and click on the download button in this page. Open the downloaded document in word and add the company logo, address, website and all other necessary details. Then print it and sign it.

Alternatively, you can also print the template in a Carbonless copy paper (CCP) with your company details. Personalize all your details and use it. You also need to be careful about pricing your landscape services. Make sure you move with the market trend.

Business Expansion tips – Discounts

Running different types of discounts are the effective way that helps in expanding your business. Few tips for expanding your business.

  1. Referral program discounts – Motivate your existing customers to refer. Offer them discounts in their service for referring every new customer. Be very clear in your referral program include terms and timelines.
  2. Discount on lawn signs – Offer some discount for customers who allow you to place your lawn signs or advertising signs on their lawn. Be flexible on your rates for those customers residing in prominent areas of the city.
  3. Networking Sites discounts – Use social media to offer discounts. Request your customers to expand your network by adding you with their social media contacts. Also, provide them a discount for paid ad on their networking sites.
  4. Customer Review – Offer a discount to genuine customers for registering their positive review on your site or any public forum.

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