A lawyer is a legal practitioner that refers to a student pursuing law education and professionals who practice law at courtrooms, for corporate and business firms, etc.



The term lawyer is also known otherwise as an attorney at law, advocate and solicitor. The duty of a lawyer is to give legal advice to clients and represent his client’s case as objectively and truthfully as possible at a court case and deliver justice. A lawyer is also responsible for maintaining political and social stability in society and in government rulings through accurate interpretation of various acts, and works as a bridge between the common man and the government. This free lawyer PowerPoint template has the design of a computer with the word ‘legal advice’, and represents one of the key duties of a lawyer. This template can be used during legal presentations at specialised law schools or universities offering a bachelor’s course in law. It can be used during legal advice sessions online with a client, and contain relevant acts pertaining to a case.

You can do free Legal PowerPoint template download from below location:

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