It is the practise of a legal practitioner such as a lawyer or paralegal or other authorities deemed knowledgeable in the legal field, where the clients involved in a court case are given professional opinion and legal information.



In civil law, legal advice is given by lawyers, tax experts, etc and in common law, it is given by solicitor, civil law notary, etc. Legal advice is usually given in exchange of financial payment or other methods of remuneration, and when it is done free of cost, it is referred to as pro bono. This free law PowerPoint template has been designed in a black background, with the picture of a man standing above the words ‘legal advice’ in white and the inner slides in a professional-looking metallic blue colour. The PowerPoint can be used by law professionals in the role of legal advisor, such as barristers, paralegals etc when giving a seminar at law schools about their profession and examples of cases in the background. The template can also be used by legal advice companies offering service online, with the options such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), archives and categories inside the slides.

You can do free Legal PowerPoint template download from below location:

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