Red Things + Things That Are Red for Kids Learning Colors

The world has many things that are red naturally and many manufactured things that are red in color. The red color is always associated with passion, anger, and danger. It is a warm color, which has a strong association with love and romance too. It is the traditional color of wedding garments for an Indian and Nepalese bride. Chinese believe that the color brings good luck. Japanese people also have a belief that a red kimono brings good luck.

A list of things that are red

Red things are everywhere around us, from firetrucks and apples to colors in the early morning sky and just before storms.

Firetrucks are one of the top things that are red for kids learning their colors. They’re easily printed out for kids coloring books and easy to remember.

Things That Are Red Naturally

So, let us explore the list of things that are red in color in nature. Actually, many flowers, fruits, and vegetables are naturally red.

  1. Red Rose

A symbol of love and romance, people across the world have gifted a red rose or a bunch of nicely arranged red roses to their loved ones. In short, the flower shows an undying passion. Many poets have written much on the beauty of a red rose and the flower itself is one of the most selling flowers on Valentine’s Day.

red rose things that are red

  1. Red Tulip

This is one of the most loved flowers that symbolize true love. It is a delicate flower with its origin in Persia. It then becomes the national flower of Turkey. The flower has a wide presence in Persian and Turkish folk art. However, its claim to fame arrives when the tulip reaches Europe. The flower also has a close association with Netherland where it is cultivated in abundance. A red tulip in full bloom looks extremely beautiful.

tulip things that are red

  1. Pomegranate

The red nutritional fruit has a long history that dates back to more than four thousand years. It is a symbol of prosperity in many parts of the world. Pomegranate is a delicious fruit, which has numerous health benefits including relief in heart diseases, type- diabetes, and even obesity. This fruit is widely grown in the Himalayan region in Asia and all over India. People mostly love to have pomegranate in the form of juice. The red fruit is count as one of the healthiest fruits in the world.

pomogranate - things that are red

  1. Tomato

Although, the red edible tomato is known widely as a vegetable used in salads, sauce, and other food items, it is basically a fruit with seeds of the flowering plant. Tomato is native to America. However, Spanish people brought it to Europe and its popularity grows enormously. It is interesting to note that in the beginning, the fruit was thought to be a poisonous one. It was only for decorative purpose at that time because of its bright appearance.  The fruit is rich in vitamins and dietary fiber.

tomatoes things that are red

  1. Scarlet Ibis

This bird is bright red in color with some of its long feathers having a black tip. Scarlet Ibis being a social bird lives in breeding colonies that are vast in its size. One can easily spot this spectacular bird in mangrove swamps in some Caribbean nations where it is a protected bird. While the bird preys on frogs, small fishes, insects, and crabs, its predators are the snake, large cats, and raccoons.


  1. Celosia

Celosia is a small flower with flame like head. It is known as cockscomb due to its shape. Although the flower is native to India, it is widely cultivated in most parts of China too. In China, it is popular as ‘Chi Kuan’. Apart from bright red, the flower is also in other attractive colors like pink, yellow and golden. It is an ornamental plant and has no fragrance at all.

celosia argentea things that are red


  1. Red Orchid

A symbol of charm, beauty, and fertility, a red orchid flower is a popular flower since ancient times. For the Greeks, it has a strong connection with fertility. For Aztecs, it symbolizes strength. In the Victorian era, these flowers were a symbol of luxury and refined taste. This flower is also in a variety of other colors and is grown naturally in the tropical forests.

orchid things that are red

  1. Hibiscus

This is a tropical flower grows in a hot climate. It is in abundance in countries like India, Malaysia, etc. The flower is strongly associated with the worship of the Hindu Goddess Kali. In many places, women adore their hair with the feminine flower. The red hibiscus is also in many other color variations and all of them attract hummingbirds as well as butterflies. In the modern world, the delicate flower is widely used to make hibiscus tea.

hibiscus things that are red

  1. Tomato Frog

This is small frog found in Madagascar in ponds, forests, marshes, canals and other areas that are warm and humid. Female tomato frog is usually larger than the male tomato frog. Its natural predators are the snake. However, due to rapid deforestation and loss of natural habitat, tomato frog is on the verge of extinction and has become a threatened species. This frog is a poor swimmer and eats mainly insects and worms.

tomato frog - things that are redSource:

  1. Cherry

Often seems on the top of cakes, the little fruit cherry has enormous nutritional value. It is, in fact, the super fruit of US. It is high in vitamin A and vitamin C.  It is also rich in minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron, and copper.  It has anti-ageing properties too. The fruit is so popular that in the Michigan City of US, there is even an annual cherry festival in which thousands of people participate each year. The man has cultivated cherry since the prehistoric times.

Cherries things that are red

  1. Beet

It is a nutritious vegetable that is mostly consumed as a juice or raw in salads. In many countries, beet is taken in a cooked form too. While it is extremely low in terms of calories, it has glycine betaine., folate, and B complex vitamin. It is thus very good for the heart health and diseases of the oral cavity. While in the 19th century, beet was widely used in wine to enhance its color, at present, it is used in the food industry as a colorant in tomato sauce and other food items.

Beet - things that are red

  1. Cranberry

The small delicious fruit grows widely in Europe and America. It is cultivated mainly for commercial purpose i.e. to prepare jam, juice, and many other food items. Some people consume fresh cranberry too. It is a rich source of vitamin C and provides benefits to those suffering from urinal infection, cardiovascular disease and much more. It is traditionally consumed during the Thanksgiving Day.cranberries - things that are red

  1. Raspberry

This is a small fruit loved for its appearance and loads of health benefits. People from pre-historic times have consumed raspberry, but the fruit came into a prominence only in the sixteenth century. It belongs to the rose family and contains countless seeds. It is available in many colors.raspberries - things that are red

  1. Apple

Apple is native to America, but popular across the world because of its rich fiber and vitamin C content. With zero cholesterol and fat content, the fruit is the most recommended one by doctors in America to have a healthy life. It is used to prepare pie, jams, and salads. Some people like its sweet crunchy taste and consume it in its fresh form. Today, apple is grown widely in places with cold climatic conditions.

apple - things that are red

  1. Dragon Fruit

Known as ‘pitahaya’ or ‘pitaya’, the small fruit is grown in many parts of South-east Asia, Israel, Australia, and some other countries across the world. It is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, carotene, and protein. It has black crunchy seeds. One can eat the sweet and sometimes sour dragon fruit in its fresh form. It is used in many beverages too. It is an extremely popular food in Thailand and Vietnam.

dragon fruit - things that are red

  1. Aguaje

This is a fruit with red scales all over it. Popular in the Amazon rain forest, the fruit makes an exotic wine. People eat the fruit in its fresh form too. It is sometimes used o treat burns and is rich in vitamin C.Aguaje - things that are red

  1. Red Banana

While you have consumed a yellow or green banana, red banana is also there which is native to Costa Rica. It has high nutritional value and is very good for weight loss. Many people believe that it has a positive impact on improving eyesight banana - things that are red

  1. Rambutan

This is a bright tropical fruit native to Malaysia. Some people believe that it was actually first found in Indonesia. However, the fruit is now widely available in supermarkets across the world. It is rich in vitamin C, manganese, phosphorous and calcium, which makes it quite popular among health conscious people. When it I cut open, it has a similarity to another red fruit ‘litchi’ as the interior is white and soft.Rambutan - things that are red

  1. Indian date

Native to India as the name suggests, the small fruit has various names in the Indian sub-continent. While it is called ‘kool’ in Bangla, it is called ‘ber’ in Hindi. In Europe, it is an imported fruit and is known as ‘Jujube’. It is beneficial in osteoporosis, weight control, anemia, and skin inflammation. However, it is not good for people who have diabetes. It has zero cholesterol and is used in preparing pickles too.indian dates - things that are red


  1. Palash

Widely grown in the Indian sub-continent, Palash is a fiery red flower that has its mention in the ancient Vedic scriptures as well as an extensive mention in the Indian literature. It has immense popularity in India and is the state flower of the state of Jharkhand. It has countless medicinal properties in the treatment of inflammation, sprains, blood purification, ulcer, and much more.Palash - things that are red

  1. Ixora Coccinea

Native to Bangladesh, this is a bright red flower with a tint of orange. It is popular as ‘Rongon’ in Bangla and ‘Rugmini’ in Hindi. It is grown widely in India and Sri Lanka. It blooms in a bunch. Each ‘rongon’ flower has four petals and four yellow stamens. It mainly grows in the rainy season. It has medicinal properties too and is use to treat hypertension, irregularity in menstruation, and other health problems.Ixora Coccinea - Things that are red

  1. Litchi

It is a small tropical fruit grown all over the world. It has multiple vitamins and rich in copper. The juicy fruit offers many health benefits and has a distinctive sweet taste.

Litchi - things that are red

  1. Carrot

This is an edible root that has its origin probably in Persia. It is also sometimes orange in color. In India, the root is used to prepare a tasty dessert during the winter season as well as is consumed in a cooked form with flat bread. Sweet in taste, the root has anti-ageing properties and is good for skin.Carrots - Things that are red

  1. Strawberry

Full of antioxidants and vitamins, the small strawberry is a popular fruit across the world. It is consumed both in fresh and frozen form.Strawberry - things that are red

  1. Red Potato

Known as sweet potato, red potato offers immense health benefits such as stress level control, blood pressure regulation, and much more. It is a powerhouse of energy. It is fat and gluten free.sweet potato - things that are red

  1. Red Chilli

A native of America, red chili is now grown almost everywhere in the world. Portuguese introduce red chili to India in the sixteenth century. People normally crush red chilies to a powder form to use while cooking. It is fiery in taste and gives flavor to the food.Red Chilli - things that are red

  1. Red Bean

Used in the Indian, Korean, Chinese and the American cuisine, red bean is highly nutritious. It is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous. In India, people serve red beans with boiled rice.Red Beans- things that are red

  1. Red Bougainvillea

This beautiful ornamental flower gives a good cover to patios. Its plant needs support to grow and only occasional watering.Red Bougainvillea - things that are red

  1. Northern Cardinal

This small bird is in plenty in North America. This is known as the red bird too. Northern Cardinals make a sweet whistle like sound and is a much-loved bird in America.Northern Cardinal - things that are red

  1. Red Sheep

A hybrid sheep, this is found in Iran and has an average lifespan of eighteen years. While male red sheep have horns, it is sometimes absent in female red sheep.

Red Sheep - things that are redSource:

So, now that you know that the Mother Nature has given us so many red flowers, fruits, animals, and birds, please share your thought in the comment box below. If you know some more things that are red, please mention their names too.