Positive Thinking Sign Shows Optimism Or Belief

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Today I am sitting here and writing about a memorable incident of my life. I can’t forget that day and that person due to which I am able to write this as my life experience. During my school days, I was very ambitious, enthusiastic and talented. I always tried to be at the top. For me, the sky was the limit especially in sports. I was in my teens and used to participate in college activities. My mentors were also very supportive. May be due to my talent or my activeness, but I usually was among the favorites of my mentors.

Then one day a circular came in our college where we got the chance to participate in a Basketball match. I remember that there were three levels in the activity like quarters, semi-final and final. I was chosen as the captain of my team and I really worked hard to win the matches. Luckily we cleared out the quarter final and the semi final rounds very easily, with the support of my team.

I was preparing for the finals and suddenly I met with an accident due to rash bike driving. The accident resulted in bad injury on my right hand and I was advised to take bed rest by my doctor. I felt so disappointed that with all practice and when it was just 15 days left for final, I was not in a condition to play. All of my team members, coach, mentors and friends came to see me. They all said that it is ok; I must take care of myself. But I was really feeling very bad and was just upset. My parents were also with me even they knew my condition; they knew that how much excited I was about the finale, but all were helpless. Nobody could do anything. Well, those 15 days were also passed and in final match our team lost the match. When I heard that we lost the match, then I started thinking that the failure happened just because of me. If I would have been careful then I might not have met with the accident and could help my team in winning the match. Though I recovered from my injury in 2 months, but I used to keep silent. I couldn’t get over my self blaming and self pit.

At that time, in my class a new student took admission. His name was Tarun. He was allotted a seat near to me. Tarun tried many times to talk with me, but I always ignored him. He was very much talkative and was a brilliant student. One day when I was called by my sports coach. I was surprised, because since the happening of that incident, I was not in touch either with sports or with any sport activity. I even did not go to any event and just go to school for studies. I even did not know that our sport teacher has been changed. I went to him with all strange thoughts.

When I reached for him, then he informed me that I have to coach the Basketball team of my juniors. There will be an activity to be conducted next month and I was chosen as their internal coach. I went blank, what I should say to him; how I could tell him that I am not in such a condition so that I can coach anyone. When I had all these thoughts, only then he told me that Tarun recommended my name to him. Tarun had informed him that I am the best player and can coach any team.

I came back to my class and asked him about that, I was very angry with him. I asked that why did he gave my name? Who was he to decide that I could do all of that? He kept on listening everything and then at last he told me that you better stop killing yourself with self pity. It is time for me to change and realize there is more to life than one failure. He recommended my name and filled the form on my behalf so that I can have another chance. It was then, I realized there is hope. When someone else have so much confidence in me why not I have such confidence to fight for betterment of my life.

The next day I joined to become an internal coach for my college team. To my surprise, we went on to bring many victories in the next 2 years during my stint as a coach in the college. I was even awarded twice as best sports coach.

Needless to say that if Tarun would not have been supported me at that time then I would have missed many other good memorable events of my life. Many years have been passed, but today also Tarun is my friend and always supports me whenever I feel disappointed. It is great learning I used in many instances of my life to always fill it with optimism and to lookup.