78+ Love Drawings to Inspire You (Impress Your Boyfriend / Girlfriend )


Are you looking for love drawings? You have entered the heaven by visiting this page. Love is a great feeling, and it gives enormous pleasure to love and be loved. There are various ways to express appreciation. Love is not a possession by human beings alone; it is widespread among animals and plants as well.

Love drawings remain famous for many years. There was not much of technological advancement in those days when people developed the art of drawing. The simplest, yet efficient way of illustration is a pencil sketch. Everyone loves to design their office and home with artwork. Think of hanging love drawings on feeling the love at your surroundings.

Now, you have a question? Isn’t it, where to get great pictures? You can download any drawing from here for free and print them and frame it per your need.

Let us deep dive into different love drawing pictures; I will tell you the beauty of each drawing and how you can make the best use of it.

  1. Love Drawing For Her

Love Drawing For Her


This drawing beautifully depicts the love of two cute little teens. It shows that they have united together with one heart, one soul, and only love. You can give this to your girl and do you think she will have any reasons not to love you more. Keep it as your wallpaper to remind your love for her every moment.

  1. Love Drawing For Him

Love Drawing For Him


Drawing that express love and care of man towards his girl will stand in mind forever. Do you want to gift your man with a love drawing expressing your gratitude for his love? Don’t think for anymore get this pic and make his day.

  1. Love Drawing Herbs

Love Drawing Herbs


It is a fantastic drawing that nicely represents the love of a butterfly towards the plants. The nature love is incomparable. Cute little girl portrayed as a butterfly and herbs in a teacup. Wow! Hats of to the imagination.


  1. Love Drawing – Simple

Love Drawings Simple


Can you think of a drawing more straightforward than this? But, do you see the love in this picture?  Yes, there is no head drawn here, yet it induces the love feeling within by just seeing this image.


  1. Love Drawing For Your Boyfriend

Love Drawings For Your Boyfriend


This drawing is carved beautifully showing merely the eyes of a girl longing for her man. Exchanging message through is powerful than anything else in love. Feel great to see your girlfriend feeling for your love from the bottom of her heart.


  1. Love Drawing For Him Step By Step

Love Drawings For Him Step By Step


It’s time to know about the step by step instruction to draw love pencil sketch. Click here to know more. Have no time? No worries just download this heart formed by uniting a girl’s hand on the right and her boy on the left.


  1. Love Drawing Easy

Love Drawing Easy


Are you adamant about drawing a natural love drawing yourself? Just use this pic drawn by keeping your own hands and tracing. I will tell you a secret, hand this image in your living room and trust me everyone will believe that you did. It is that perfect. Happy Drawing!


  1. Love Drawing For Him

Love Drawing For Him


The love between young couples is always cute. Gift this drawing to your man to tell him how much you admire his passion for you.

  1. Love Drawing For Her

Love Drawing For Her


Tell her how much you miss her with this drawing. Drawing is not always fun but an emotional way to represent your feelings to your loved one. This drawing is a realistic representation of those guys who miss their girl. Directly send an eCard with this pic and tell her that you miss her big time.

  1. Love Drawing Candle

Love Drawing Candle


This is a magical drawing. Ask me why? You can feel the scented fragrance by hanging this love candle drawing in your room. I am kidding. Jokes apart these drawings are a beautiful representation, love like a candle and compete in who sacrifices more in love to add brightness to your life.

  1. Love Drawing And Quotes

Love Drawing And Quotes


Drawing itself expresses your feeling. Drawing with quotes will make you float on the air. See this drawing symbolically talking the mind of your guy funnily. But remember he means it and loves you forever. Print this and give it to him to tell that you like that funny guy as he is.

  1. Love Abstract Drawing

Love Abstract Drawing


Per the famous quote was written by Arshile Gorky “Abstraction allows a man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes.” Best love across the universe is the love of a mother to the child. One can never see the passion in eyes but will feel always.

  1. Love Angel Drawing

Love Angel Drawing


Angels signify love and purity. The love of this angel is a great love story for his man. Spread your wings and love like an angel. Hang this pencil drawing illustrating the pure enjoyment.

  1. Love Anchor Drawing

Love Anchor Drawing


The word anchor is powerful. You will never be let down when holding to an anchor. The anchor holds the ship so strongly. It equally holds the small boat as well. Love anchor drawing depicts the trustworthiness.

  1. Anime Love Drawing

Anime Love Drawing


When you are crazy about having a Japanese art at your place, then anime drawing is the best choice for you. You can see the picture talks about love beautifully. Either make use of the back and white drawing or color. My favorite is both as it shows how the transformation happens with color.

  1. Love Art Drawing Images

Love Art Drawing Images


No talk for this drawing as it is a treat to your eyes. Enjoy!

  1. Love Arrow Drawing

Love Arrow Drawing


Arrow love is known for many years. A symbolic representation that some have entered your heart and piercing through it.

  1. Love Drawing Boy And Girl

Love Drawing Boy And Girl


You call it puppy love, yes love a boy and a girl. That romantic look, oh, my god. You rewind your memories to your good old days.

  1. Love Drawing Black And White

Love Drawing Black And White


It is a pencil sketch with minute details and looks great. Hats off to the perfection.

  1. Love Drawing By Pencil

Love Drawing By Pencil


True love and it is very clearly represented just with pencil lines. You can only see few lines, but that makes a great drawing.

  1. Love Drawing Background

Love Drawing Background


This drawing is a little kiddish, never mind, you can have it on your wallpaper. Looking colorful and makes a great background.

  1. Love Birds Drawing

Love Birds Drawing


I told you already that love is not only be loved by a human being. Birds love known for centuries. Do you know? Lovebirds brood among each other. Loss of one bird will take another one to depression. Love is powerful, and birds are no exception to it.

  1. Love Bear Drawing

 Love Bear Drawing


Cute little teddy kissing each other is a perfect love drawing to make you laugh and relieve your stress just by looking at it.

  1. Love Bug Drawing


Love Bug Drawing


These cheerful love bugs are calling you to be part of their season. Join and have fun.

  1. Drawing Pictures Of Lovebirds

Drawing Pictures Of Lovebirds


Make some efforts to draw this simple love bird drawing. Alternatively, print this and have it painted. Let your kiddo the magic for you. Excited little birds express love for each other.

  1. Love Drawing Couple

  Love Drawing Couple


Couple love is unique, and this drawing is so realistic that they both are looking at their eyes so closely without even blinking.

  1. Love Drawing Candle Spell

Love Drawing Candle Spell


Love drawing candle magic will get you closer to your loved one. Use this love drawing candle to spread your love to your perfect partner.

  1. Love Drawing Candle Prayer

Love Drawing Candle Prayer


Candle prayer is convincing to get your love back. See this picture drawn so beautifully. A candle stands to look in the heart shape.

  1. Love Drawing Cartoon

  Love Drawing Cartoon


Cartoons are fun for all age group. Feel relaxed by seeing this love drawing cartoon drawn using pencil and outlined with a sketch.

  1. Love Drawing Crystals

Love Drawing Crystals


These crystal drawings will make you feel great to look at. It is colored in such a way it gives a realistic look. The heart, symbol of love is beautifully carved. Use this as your wallpaper to begin your day with all cheer in mind.

  1. Love Dove Drawing

Love Dove Drawing


You will know that dove means peace. You must also learn to have a peaceful love life by hanging this wallpaper. Together forever simple message with loads of essence in it.

  1. Love Doodle Drawing

Love Doodle Drawing


Doodle drawings are done when you’re physically present and absent-minded. Yes, we do this classroom. Our pencil keeps moving, but we will pretend to listen to the lecture. Finally, see your notebook you have a drawing. Many times it comes out great because it represents your mind. See this love drawing given that explains the face of a girl and boy inside one heart. Superb creativity.

  1. Love Dolphin Drawing

Love Dolphin Drawing


The ever wild jumping dolphins exchange love during every jump from the water. Lovely drawing that makes the viewer feel the love.

  1. Love Dog Drawing

Love Dog Drawing


I am frozen here to tell you about this dog love story. Interpret your way and have all the fun.

  1. Love Drawing Eyes

Love Drawing Eyes


I can see this eyes speaking to me. You can also visualize. Such a great drawing. Print this drawing and look at it closely for you will love these loving eyes. The pupil with a heart within the eye seems incredible.

  1. Love Elephant Drawing

Love Elephant Drawing


Elephants are not shaking hands but expressing love with lifting their heart together. Few lines of pencil drawing have turned out to be a beautiful love expression by elephants.

  1. Love Emotional Drawing

Love Emotional Drawing


Love and emotion are the same. The painting here explains the sentiment of a girl in an excellent manner. Her confidence in her man and much more. He is speechless to see her trust in him.

  1. Love Emoji Drawing

  Love Emoji Drawing


Emoji are not just funny, but a great way to tell your mind to your partner over your handheld device. What does this pencil drawing emoji represent? I am happy because my love is very safe in my hands.

  1. Love Birds Drawing Easy

Love Birds Drawing Easy


You can quickly understand how to draw a love bird seeing this drawing. Very sharply carved and the birds are cutely holding the heart in their beaks.

  1. Love Drawing For Boyfriend

Love Drawing For Boyfriend


When you meet your boyfriend after a long time, then you may want to do this. Yes, I guessed you right. Thus I have given this drawing to you. This drawing is equal to your hundred hugs to your boyfriend. He had no words and perplexed with the girl’s gesture.

  1. Love Drawing For Girlfriend

Love Drawing For Girlfriend


The girlfriend love drawing given here is hand drawn and painted so nicely. It makes the viewer feel warm to the see the hug those couples do in the rain.

  1. Love Drawing For Husband

Love Drawing For Husband


Another simple, but, a great drawing representing the happiness of a husband, when he comes to know that his wife is carrying their baby in the womb.

  1. Love Drawing Girl And Boy

Love Drawing Girl And Boy


Cute little boy and girl expressing their affection make one feel delighted to have it as the wallpaper.

  1. Love Graffiti Drawing

 Love Graffiti Drawing


Make use of this drawing that gives a realistic look of a graffiti art. This professional graffiti drawing of the word love looks very attractive.

  1. Love Girl Drawing

Love Girl Drawing


A very causal pencil drawing that shows the love of a girl for her boy. Best wallpaper to you can use it on your computer to image the love your girl has for you.

  1. Love Goals Drawing

 Love Goals Drawing


Every single thing we do must have a purpose. Love is no exception to it. This drawing expresses the commitment the couples have to each other.

  1. Love God Drawing

Love God Drawing


Love is god, and this drawing depicts the love of Jesus Christ on all his children. The kid that is his hand is considered lucky. You can also feel fortunate by framing this drawing in your room.

  1. Love Giraffe Drawing

Love Giraffe Drawing


Giraffes are animals that prefer moving around the grassland in groups. They are extraordinary animals that love each other. This drawing gives a 3D look and perfect black and white coloring.

  1. Love Drawing HD Images

Love Drawing HD Images


The high definition drawing posted for your perusal on this page is really impressive. It has been beautifully carved in showing the intimacy of couples in lovemaking.

  1. Love Drawing Heart

Love Drawing Heart


The heart is the emblem of love. The drawing here cutely expresses how the heart is missing love.

  1. Love Drawing Hug

 Love Drawing Hug


Hugging is one of the gestures in love that gives not only love but indicates the care and boost the confidence. This simple pencil drawing provides a realistic depiction of love.

  1. Love Drawing Holding Hands

Love Drawing Holding Hands


I need not tell anything about this drawing as it is already written in it. Feels good to be held.

  1. Love Drawing Ideas Step By Step

Love Drawing Ideas Step By Step


I am sure all of us have love in our life. We start our love journey right from evolving in our mom’s womb. You can learn how to draw that heart which is filled with love stepwise using this drawing.

  1. Love Drawing In Pencil

Love Drawing In Pencil


The rose drawing for you give here is a pencil drawing. It is unbelievable. So finely crafted, it proves that colors are not required to provide life to the picture.

  1. Love Drawing Kiss

Love Drawing Kiss


Kiss drawing looks excellent in this picture. Excellent lip lock is described in the portrait with just few pencil strokes.

  1. Love Key Drawing

Love Key Drawing


This to key to my heart love drawing looks funny and cute.

  1. Love Kills Drawing

Love Kills Drawing


Love is a great feeling and kills your ego. Every one with unconditional love cannot harm even if they have a sword, saw or a gun in their hand. Nice representation!

  1. Love Knot Drawing

Love Knot Drawing


Cute drawing with right saying. Look at this picture and remind yourself that love binds you with a love knot.

  1. Love Kid Drawing

Love Kid Drawing


The two little kids in the drawing so innocently depicted will make the best wallpaper. Hard to find sketch don’t miss the opportunity and immediately download it.

  1. Mickey Mouse Love Drawing

Mickey Mouse Love Drawing


Fantastic mickey and minie love expression. Pragmatic drawing that kindles love within every individual.

  1. Love Moon Drawing

Love Moon Drawing


Sun and the moon the boy and the girl love drawing. I am speechless to talk about this flawless drawing.

  1. Love Monster Drawing

Love Monster Drawing


Hey, look at this scary love monster drawing. Colored impeccably.  The love between monsters also seems excellent.

  1. Love Drawing Notes

Love Drawing Notes


This is a house drawing. What does this tell about love? May you wonder? But I have an answer. Take a closer look at the picture. Yes, still it is a house, and I agree with you. The place where love begins is one’s living area. Hence it is written love is the foundation on which the house is built. Great notes!

  1. Love Nature Drawing

Love Nature Drawing


Exceptional drawing with great colors showing the beauty of nature and the love. You cannot get such drawings even if you pay more money. Just download print in a magazine sheet and frame it to hang it in your room and admire nature.

  1. Love Drawing Of Couple

Love Drawing Of Couple


Cool couples with innocent eyes in this drawing are crafted very finely. In the cold weather, it feels great and warm to sit next to each other.

  1. Love Drawing Pencil Sketch

Love Drawing Pencil Sketch


The simple pencil sketch speaks. Yes, to me it tells “I am there.” Do you also think the same? Then come to download for your use.

  1. Love Rose Drawing

Love Rose Drawing


Very nice rose drawing. Rose is the closest flower to love. The drawing is clear and straightforward.

  1. Love Rain Drawing

Love Rain Drawing


Rain is a joy. Love in the rain is a double bonanza. You can see the couple enjoying every drop of rain the drawing given.

  1. Love Romance Drawing

Love Romance Drawing


That is an easy sketch but significantly depict a romantic couple. Very sharp drawing.

  1. Love Relationship Drawing

Love Relationship Drawing


This drawing is excellent, and the wordings make sense. Use this for understanding love better.

  1. Love Robot Drawing

Love Robot Drawing


That’s a cute love robot drawing. With just a few boxes this drawing explains the love of robots and the eyes replaced with heart shape is the real creativity.

  1. I Love U Drawing Images

I Love U Drawing Images


Teddy with “I love you” in hands and pretty eyes are the best image that brings cheer in the viewer’s mind.

  1. Love Break Up Drawing

 Love Break Up Drawing


Love is indeed healthy, but sometimes it is good to take a break and give the space. That is what is told in this drawing.

  1. Vampire Love Drawing

Vampire Love Drawing


Does vampire even love? Indeed yes, and this how it does describes the drawing.

  1. Love Whale Drawing

Love Whale Drawing


Nicely drawn and colored whale love with “I whale always love you” quotes.

  1. Love Wolves Drawing

Love Wolves Drawing


Wolf love drawing is impressive. The picture will draw everyone’s attention.

  1. Love 2D Drawing

Love 2D Drawing


This 2D drawing is very clearly explaining the minute detailing like fingers, arms and much more. Happy, loving couples.

  1. Love Drawing 3D

Love Drawing 3D


3D drawing needs a big round of applause. It brings in a real feel, and in this picture, the image of the girl and the boy and the pencil drawing of Eiffel tower are worth looking at. Excellent job by the artist.

I am sure you won’t get bored to see so many heart touching love drawings. I am happy to give you the best of my collections for free. Download and use it based on your need.


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