The template focuses on the study of marine biology which is becoming a more popular educational stream these days due to the discovery of new aquatic species.

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Marine biology is a study based on the combination of marine ecology and biology, which centres on the observation of sea animals, and how these organisms interact with each other and the environment. Marine biology studies ocean territories such as the organisms residing in each layer of the depths of the ocean from microscopic species classified as phytoplankton and zooplanktons to the other sea creatures such as fishes and mammals like whales, aquatic plants and coral reefs, ocean trenches, etc. Some sub-studies of the vast marine biology include marine biotechnology, ichthyology, invertebrate zoology, phycology, etc. This free underwater PowerPoint template has been designed predominantly in a deep navy blue associated with water bodies, and has the picture of a marine biologist studying the types of fishes under water. The template can be used by students of this field of science for presentations on the classification of various sea life such as types of fishes, the phylum of the various organisms, etc. It can be used during eco-tourism drives for contributing towards development of advanced marine technology.

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