How to Market a Foundation Repair Company

Marketing a Foundation and Structural Repair Company this Year

If a home experiences bowed walls, gaps at the intersection of walls and floors, drywall cracks, or uneven floors, it’s likely that the residence is experiencing structure failure. The best thing a homeowner can do to address structural failure is to call a professional structural repair company. Now you just want to make sure that potential customers choose your company over someone else’s, but how does that happen? First, you need to make sure people know who you are.

It is common for home improvement services to spread by word of mouth. A neighbor down the street may notice a nearby home receiving structural repair and start to think that they may need it too. These specific structural repair services are most prominent in neighborhoods with older homes, meaning that many homes may need structural repair within one area. This allows the company to grow through a neighborhood domino effect by bouncing from one home to the next. While this helps initially, it won’t help your company grow to its fullest potential. It is crucial to find a more productive and profitable way to market your structural repair company if you’re looking to increase sales.

People are using the internet constantly, and it has a tremendous impact on people’s day to day decisions. As a business owner, you should absolutely invest in digital marketing for your company if you’re wanting to grow your client base. The world of digital marketing is vast and always changing, making it hard to know where to start. Below are a few strategies to get you started to expand your structural repair company:

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a great way to target potential clients. Once an ad is created, it can be targeted to other users based off of geography, income level and home ownership status. This way, you’re making sure your ads get seen only by people who you feel would benefit from your service. For example, structural failure is more prevalent in older homes, so making sure you target an older neighborhood would be a useful strategy. Since these ads can be aimed towards a smaller, more specific audience, this makes for a relatively cost-effective option.

Google AdWords

Google serves about 4.5 billion users making Google AdWords one of the most powerful marketing tools. This advertising system functions by charging for people’s clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results. Users bid on certain keywords that their ads are linked to. The more competitive the term, the higher the cost. While this option can be pricey, it is a valuable investment that can have a large pay off. Almost anyone who needs a quick answer or solution will turn to Google search. The higher your rank, the more likely users will call your company first.

Blog Posts

Search engines, such as Google, recognize websites with fresh content that is added consistently. The best way to do that without cluttering your navigation is to create a blog section where you post regularly. Start by thinking of typical questions customers may have regarding structural repair. Compile a list of ideas to help engage and inform your audience with relevant information and create full blogs. By blogging consistently, you give Google new content to index and are given another opportunity to plug in keywords potential customers are searching. While the main goal is to increase your website’s search engine optimization, blog posts also help others to connect to your brand and identify you as a reliable source. While this strategy can be a commitment, blogging is absolutely worth the time and effort and is sure to increase your website’s traffic.

Information provided by Brad Scott Construction, providing Structural Repair Minneapolis