Medical abbreviations are used very often in medical practices and science, and it is used for maintaining efficiency and conciseness.



Sometimes, mistakes occur due to the umpteen numbers of acronyms present but certain rules have been established to prevent them from happening such as the use of periods only for Latin phrases. There are also a few symbols in medical science, such as those to denote gender and their binaries, to represent the fields such as dentistry, optometry and veterinary and so on. This template has a neutral and calming beige background inscribed with the symbol of Caduceus, one of the most popular symbols representing medical science and consisting of two snakes wrapped around a staff with two wings, signifying rebirth and remedying of diseases. The free PowerPoint template can be used during medical seminars and world meets for doctors and other medical professionals, for lectures and interactions about ancient medicinal systems and its comparison to modern medications, since the Caduceus is a Greek mythological symbol. The template can also be downloaded by students for paper presentations on topics such as the connection between mythology and medicine. It can be used in medical education and medical university websites, with slides on the various medical symbols and abbreviations

You can do free Medical PowerPoint template download from below location:

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