The template features a topic that is a potential conversation starter in any social circle, the existence of the mythical creature called mermaid.


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A mermaid is believed to be half-woman and half-fish with long and flowing hair, said to be inside the ocean or seated on the rocks of the ocean and entice sailors to their death, according to mythology. They are also called as sirens, and said to represent disastrous events of the ocean such as storms and shipwrecks. They are a very popular subject in art such as in novels and movies (The little mermaid), in paintings, theater plays, etc. They figure out very often in the folklore’s of countries such as Greece, Rome, China, Europe and Africa. Various hoax sightings of mermaids have often been made, and a fictional documentary was made by a popular TV channel on mermaids. This free underwater PowerPoint template has the picture of a beautiful mermaid gently touching a fish, done up in pastel colors. The inside slides of the presentation are also designed in candy pink color, keeping up with the feminine nature of mermaids. The PowerPoint can be used during debates in schools and colleges about the dubious existence of the celestial mermaids. Children can use the template for community skits based on story and movie adaptations.

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